Whipped vanilla body butter with bacuri and coffee

30 min
Whipped vanilla body butter with bacuri and coffee
A decadent fluffy whipped body butter scented with delicious coffee and sweet smoky vanilla that will be your skin's best friend!More information
Ingredients for this recipe50g of jojoba oil50g of bacuri butter98g of mango butter1g of vitamin E10 drops of coffee and cardamom fragrance14 drops of benzoin
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Coffee-scented, coffee-inspired

The beautifully smelling, beautiful-looking and great-performing whipped body butter is a little inspired by the popular Dalgona coffee - that is the beautifully fluffy upside-down cappuccino that you have surely seen on social networks, tasted or made yourself.

But today we will not pay attention to the coffee specialty, but to God's body butter!

Fluffy clouds

Probably the last thing we want on hot summer days is to feel sticky and greasy. We promise you, there is absolutely no danger of this with this butter! Thanks to mango butter, the product is surprisingly light and quickly absorbed into the skin. If you've never worked with mango butter, now is the time to start. Mango butter, like shea butter, is rich, soft and creamy, but after using it you won't leave greasy stains on the couch, as can happen with shea butter.

A joy for the eyes and the skin

The main butter star of this body butter :) is the beautifully brown-black colored and earthy-smelling bacuri butter! Bacuri butter is obtained from the seeds of the Platonia insignis tree, which grows in the northern part of Brazil. Bacuri can wonderfully soften and soften the skin. In addition, it protects the skin from the effects of free radicals and thus slows down the aging process. It also helps treat eczema and takes care of scars and stretch marks, which should be less pronounced with regular application. This Brazilian beauty is a more than perfect choice for a summer body butter! Be sure to read this article about the amazing effects of bacuri and other exotic butters !

Makes a great gift - perfect gift

The amount of this butter is deliberately a little more than you are used to in our recipes - because you will love it and want to part with it! Whipped butter, which looks luxurious, smells of coffee and vanilla, will be a great gift. Pour it into nice glasses, add a label and you're done. And above all, don't forget yourself. :)

Now let's get to the whipping!

What does it take?

- 50 grams of jojoba oil

- 50 grams of bacuri butter

- 98 grams of mango butter

- 1 gram of vitamin E

- 10 drops of coffee and cardamom fragrance

- 14 drops of vanilla fragrance or benzoin

How to do it?

Weigh the oil and both butters into a large heatproof bowl. Now you have a choice - either you can slide the oils and butter into a water bath and let them heat up, or you can use the microwave, which saves a lot of time. If you are going to microwave, turn on the microwave for 15 seconds, remove the bowl, stir the mixture in it, and repeat as many times as needed. When everything is dissolved, let the bowl cool down for a while and then put it on ice - that is, in the freezer - for about fifteen minutes.

In order to whip the butter, we will need a whisk with a whisk. We will proceed by taking the bowl out of the freezer, whipping the mixture for about 3 minutes, wiping it off the sides of the bowl, and then sending it all back to the freezer for 3 minutes on ice. We will repeat this several times. So: beat for 3 minutes, wipe off, freeze for 3 minutes, beat for 3 minutes, wipe off, freeze for 3 minutes (so a minute will do, too) and so on about three or four times until the butter turns into a perfectly fluffy cloud of whipped cream. Then we add essential oils, fragrances and vitamin E and beat really thoroughly once more.

When it is whipped, let the butter rest for about half an hour. If it's still fluffy after half an hour, it's a win! Now all you have to do is transfer the butter into the selected containers and that's it. If the butter turns into runny whipped cream, slide it into the freezer and repeat the freezing and whipping process a few more times.

And then really enjoy the butter!

PS Bacuri butter can slightly stain clothes. So don't immediately put on a white dress or lie down in a new ivory silk bedclothes after anointing. :)

And if you want more coffee products, take a look at the instructions from the Spiced Coffee series, which we created for Christmas 2019.

- Relaxing body massages with coffee beans, chocolate and vanilla

- Quick peeling soap with coffee and cinnamon

- Nourishing shower scrub with ground coffee and macadamia nuts

Raw materials
50g of jojoba oil
50g of bacuri butter
98g of mango butter
1g of vitamin E
10 drops of coffee and cardamom fragrance
14 drops of benzoin
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