Relaxing body massages with coffee beans, chocolate and vanilla - Spiced coffee

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Relaxing body massages with coffee beans, chocolate and vanilla - Spiced coffee
Solid body cream enhanced with coffee beans that provide a wonderful massage for the whole body, made of cocoa butter, which starts to melt sensually after touching the skin, soothing and delicately smelling sweet vanilla, quality chocolate and selected coffee.More information
Ingredients for this recipe30g of cocoa butter2g of cetyl alcohol4g of jojoba oil3g of mango butterA few drops of vitamin E5 drops of vanilla fragranceSilicone molds
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Treat yourself to some love!

Massager is a stiff emollient, moisturizing and nourishing body cream which, when heated, starts to soften little by little and dissolves slightly. By gently moving it over the warm skin, wonderful natural aromas are released from the massager, and the butters and oils contained in it are gently absorbed into the skin, leaving it velvety soft and incredibly supple. In addition, coffee beans provide a wonderful massage that will help remove stress and tension from the body.

For every moment

The massager is suitable for evening care rituals or for sensual moments of love with or without a partner. At the same time, thanks to their compactness and practicality, these little miracles are also suitable for traveling or in a bag that you take with you to yoga, the gym or even to work.

Massagers will therefore delight lovers of caring, fragrant trifles, as well as athletes, travelers, workaholics or eternal non-runners, who will certainly help them to stop at least for a little while. Dedicate at least one piece to yourself, your loved ones and everyone who deserves a little (self) love.

A caress for the eye and the soul

Because it smells delicious of quality cocoa butter and chocolate, you might have to do something to keep yourself from tasting it! The sweet spicy scent of vanilla caresses the soul and calms the mind, while the subtle scent of coffee beans refreshes and brings fresh energy.

In addition to your nose, your eyes will also be delighted. Massagers are wonderful and meaningful little things that will definitely not put any bathroom or shelf to shame. In addition, you can easily adjust their shape and size to your liking, and you can even play with the color and shine, which can be conjured by a pinch of mica powder or our new decomposable glitters and sparkles.

And when else to be a star than in the run-up to Christmas?

So, now we are going to make vanilla massagers with coffee beans, which glide beautifully on the skin, leaving it incredibly soft, nourished and fragrant, and which are a beautiful gift not only under the tree!

What does it take?

Proportions for about 3 smaller massages, depends on the size of the mold

- 30 grams of cocoa butter

- 2 grams of cetyl alcohol

- 4 grams of jojoba oil (water soluble)

- 3 grams of mango butter

- A few drops (0.5 grams)of vitamin E

- 5 drops of vanilla fragrance

- 1 gram of chocolate cosmetic oil (optional)

- Whole coffee beans

- Silicone molds

How to do it?

We will prepare a water bath. Pour both butters, cetyl alcohol and jojoba oil into a heat-resistant bowl. We then slide the bowl with the weighed ingredients into the water bath and let everything slowly dissolve on a low flame.

In the meantime, we will prepare another bath, this time an ice bath - pour several ice cubes into a large bowl and fill it with the coldest possible water. We will also nicely prepare molds into which we will pour coffee beans. We slide the molds directly onto a tray or plate, which we then conveniently place in the refrigerator without moving the molds and the mixture in them unnecessarily.

When everything is dissolved, remove the bowl from the water bath, dry it and mix its contents well. Then slide the bowl into the ice bath (be careful not to let water in) and stir for about half a minute - as the mixture cools, it will become viscous and thicker. We keep stirring. After about half a minute, take the mixture out of the ice bath for a moment and add fragrance essences and oils and vitamin E and mix well.

We put the bowl back into the ice bath, stir and stir until a fine "trace" appears - soap makers know, non-soap makers will wait until our wooden spoon or other stirrer begins to leave a faint trail behind - the mass is just so stiff that after stirring in the mixture, a wooden spoon "footprint" will be visible for a short time. We are looking for the consistency of approximately liquid honey. But here's our advice - take the mixture out of the ice bath sooner rather than later. If the mass is too thick, it will be difficult to transfer to the molds, so this time it is better to be more liquid.

As soon as you see the first hint of a trace, pour into the molds and slide the filled molds straight into the fridge, there's no need to wait!

When the massages have hardened (give them two hours), take them out of the fridge, take them out of the molds and enjoy a little love right away!

How to use it?

Warm the massager in the palm of your hand or run it over the area that needs care several times, massage the skin with it as you like and rub the butter into the skin.

I want to make it, but a little differently!

Cocoa butter forms the base of the recipe, so please do not substitute it. :) But you can try our solid body balms that do not contain cocoa butter. Look here!

We recommend using cetyl alcohol. If you don't have it, you can try cetearyl alcohol, however, the effect of the massager on the skin will be slightly altered.

Mango butter can be replaced with other vegetable butter, such as shea butter or cupuacu. If you use shea butter, expect that the massages will be greasier and will absorb more slowly into the skin.

Camellia (tea tree) oil is a good substitute for jojoba oil.

Choose fragrance oils and essences to your liking. When choosing, keep in mind that the massagers will always smell at least slightly of cocoa butter, so let it blend in with it. :)

Pour glitter, mica powder or glitter directly into the mixing bowl with butters, oil and cetyl alcohol so that they are well dispersed in the mixture.

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