Spruce syrup for colds and coughs and tincture for sore feet from Zdenička

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Spruce syrup for colds and coughs and tincture for sore feet from Zdenička
Simple homemade spruce syrup for colds and coughs and as a bonus spruce tincture great for relieving tired and sore feet. You can do all this with Zdenička from Directly from the beekeeper. Young spruce shoots are now looking at us from all sides, so run for them, it's high time!More information
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It's beautiful outside, this year we're enjoying a particularly warm and, unfortunately, dry spring. Surely few of us would think of needing spruce syrup for a cough or a cold. And at the same time, such a perfect syrup from young spruce shoots can only be made at this time. It will be late in the winter. :) So shoo shoo to the garden for young spruces. :)

I first had this syrup in high school. I remember how a classmate treated me with this syrup at the intro, her grandmother made it and it was amazing. Yesterday, when I was at the apiary, where I have a spruce hedge, I remembered this goodness. My first thought was: "Why not actually make one? Why didn't I think of that sooner?”

Before, we probably had other worries and priorities. You have to come to terms with some things. So today I took the basket and went to the shoots. Since the hedge is only three meters in front of the hives, we were worried if the girls would chase me out. Fortunately, it is quite cold outside and the bees did not fly much in the morning. I could easily pick as much as we needed.


If you pluck shoots in the woods, think about the fact that you are damaging the tree a little. It is not very good to pluck the shoots of very young spruces and also not to pluck too many of them from one tree/from one branch. To pluck here and there, say thank you and move on. :) It is best to collect shoots in your own garden or at a friend's, and again with feeling.

What will we need?

- Spruce shoots (the light green ones, should not be longer than 5 cm

- A clean and disinfected glass

- Sugar (I recommend classic crystal, syrups with cane or other sugar went bad for me)


The syrup can be made hot or cold. I chose the cold option. I think that more valuable substances will remain in it and it will not spoil if handled properly.

First, we prepare a clean and disinfected glass. Pour a layer of sugar (about 1 cm) on the bottom and put a layer of spruce (3-5 cm) and sugar again. We alternate the layers until we fill the glass, stuffing well so that we can fit as much as possible into it.

Someone adds lemon, I didn't have it at home, so I'm without lemon. If I remember, I will buy and try the version with lemon. 

The last layer in the glass must be sugar. We close with a clean lid - I put foil between the lid and the neck to prevent air from entering.

Let it brew in a warm and sunny place until a thick syrup is formed. How long it takes? I read that 3-6 weeks depending on the temperature. Just until the sugar dissolves. :) After that, pour the syrup through a strainer or cloth into clean and disinfected glasses, seal well (I also pour a little plum juice under the lid on the syrups, so that they don't mold). Store in a cool and dark place, preferably in the refrigerator.

We originally wanted to use our honey, but more experienced herbalists discouraged me because syrups often go bad with it. I'll probably try a small glass anyway. Such a syrup would only be a strength.


And what is such a syrup good for anyway?

Syrup from spruce shoots dissolves phlegm, relaxes the airways, facilitates coughing. It is useful for colds and flu. It also contains vitamin C, which increases the body's immune system. Just perfect for the winter months when we'll be cold.

Tincture of spruce shoots

In addition to syrup, a tincture can also be made. Just cover the spruce with high-percentage alcohol and let it soak for a few weeks. The tincture is used in the treatment of rheumatism, muscle and joint pain, relieves tendonitis.

Since I have a little sprouts left, I put them in alcohol and will use them to rub tired legs, or I will use them in a comfrey ointment for joints and muscles or in soap. It will definitely find use. :)


I'm looking forward to the syrup, and most of all I enjoyed the plucking and making. Lately we've been on a bit of a roll of what I have to catch up and do and this was something I don't have to but just want to. :) Such things are very, very important in life.

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