Diatomaceous earth - what it is, how to cleanse the body with it and much more

Diatomaceous earth - what it is, how to cleanse the body with it and much more
What if I told you that there is a powder that can deal with various household pests and at the same time help your digestion or promote the growth of hair and nails? What kind of miracle is this? So please, diatomaceous earth! More information
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Diatomaceous earth will come in handy for a lot of things, so keep it handy at home. But it is necessary to distinguish between its two types. They are characterized by fundamental differences.

Chemical analysis

SiO2 … 94.2%

Al2O3 … 2.5%

Fe2O3 … 0.9%

CaO … 0.5%

K2O … 0.4%

SO3 … 0.4%

MgO … 0.3%

P2O5 … 0.3%

Na2O … 0.2%

TiO2 … 0.2%

Mn2O3 … 0.1%

Loss on ignition... 3.34%


Diatomaceous earth is not harmful, but since it is a fine powder, asthma sufferers should use a mask and be careful when handling it.

Avoid getting diatomaceous earth in the eyes. In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly. Diatomaceous earth dries the skin.

Diatomaceous earth is an unconsolidated (loose) rock that is mostly formed by opal shells of diatoms (single-celled algae), according to which it is also referred to as diatom soil. Another name used is diatomite, including rocks composed of diatoms (diatom shells) of varying degrees of solidification. In addition to diatom shells and their fragments, clay minerals are represented in diatoms, most often kaolinite and illite.

Diatomaceous earth is a very fine-grained, powdery to clay-like sediment. If it is pure, it has a white to cream color, it can also be greenish, gray or brown depending on the admixture.

Diatomaceous earth is a natural and organic source of plant silicon. Freshwater diatom deposits are edible for both animals and humans because they are the purest form of diatomaceous earth. Not all diatomaceous earth is suitable for consumption: for example, there are 600 diatomaceous earth deposits in America, but only four deposits are suitable for human consumption according to FDA standards. Most people have a deficiency of the mineral silicon in the body, which, among other things, is necessary for the absorption and deposition of calcium in the bones.

Today's cereals are deficient in silicon. Years ago, the silica content of our food was adequate, but with today's hybrids and farming on depleted soil, only about 1/3 of the total silica requirement is supplied in our diet. Taking diatomaceous earth is a simple and inexpensive way to get the silicon you need into your body.

For the human organism, silicon is of irreplaceable importance. It is an essential part of many enzymes controlling chemical reactions in our body. Together with calcium and magnesium, it contributes to the building of strong bones and to the formation of connective tissues (skin, nails, hair), giving them strength and elasticity. It is one of the basic building blocks of muscle tissue. It has high anti-inflammatory effects, accelerates wound healing and acts against skin aging.

A lack of silicon in the body causes: slowing of growth and development, greater brittleness and deformation of bones, hair loss and brittleness, brittleness and fragility of nails, osteoporosis, skin inflammations, poor healing of scars and wounds, greater sensitivity to cold, poor condition of teeth and gums, insufficient condition of cartilage, ligaments and tendons.

The positive effect of silicon on the human organism: strengthens the immune system; protects against dangerous free radicals (antioxidant); promotes wound healing; has anti-inflammatory effects, acts preventively against the development of heart diseases; participates in building bones; it is important for the beauty of hair, nails and skin; positively participates in the synthesis of vitamin B1 in the human body; controls the transmission of nerve impulses; is the prevention of osteoporosis; protects against Alzheimer's disease; suppresses the harmful effect of aluminum on the human body; lowers blood cholesterol; has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood circulation; positively affects the urinary tract and kidney function; helps in the treatment of skin diseases; has a positive effect on elderly people and women in menopause.

DIATOM human grade diatomaceous earth contains approximately 85-92% silicon and many other elements such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, titanium, boron, manganese, copper, zircon. This makes it a great natural addition to our diet.

Diatomaceous earth for human use

Food-grade freshwater diatomaceous earth (Fossil Shell Flour) has many uses in agriculture, holistic medicine, industry and the home. Diatom is a completely natural remedy.

It is used in households to kill insects, in pets to supplement minerals and gently get rid of parasites, on plants against pests, in farm animals to enrich their diet, improve their physical condition and remove parasites, to filter water and to store grain.

People use it to enrich their diet.

Attention! Only diatomaceous earth intended for this purpose is suitable for human consumption.

Internally used diatomaceous earth affects the human organism in three different ways:

1) Absorbs – Diatomaceous earth is shaped like cylinders full of small holes. These rollers have a very strong negative charge. As these millions of tiny rollers move through the stomach and digestive tract, they attract and absorb bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses, pesticides and other chemical residues, E-Coli and heavy metals. These toxins are trapped and flushed out of the body. In addition, larger parasites that can live in the digestive system are damaged by diatomaceous earth and later expelled from the body. All these activities lead to a much more vital body. Many consumers say they simply feel better.

2) Cleans - Diatomaceous earth is very hard, yet crushed to a very fine powder. This is very important because as these millions of tiny rolls of diatomaceous earth pass through the intestines, they gently clean their walls. After only a few months of using diatomaceous earth, the wall of the intestine is no longer covered with mucus and the molds that have settled in it.

2A) Regular bowel movements (this is the most common note mentioned by users).

2B) Many users report increased energy and reduced need for sleep after taking diatomaceous earth. This is achieved by better absorption of food and nutrients into the bloodstream. Many nutrients and necessary substances are not absorbed through a dirty colon.

3) Nourishes - Diatomaceous earth contains 15 naturally occurring minerals that are excellent for the body. These minerals support healthier and shinier hair, skin and nails. The supply of minerals to the organism will provide the body with more good energy and endurance. In addition, diatomaceous earth has a slightly alkaline Ph.

Dosage for adults: mix 1-2 tablespoons daily in water/juice or add to some food, preferably normal room temperature, and consume. Diatom is tasteless and its structure is so fine that it does not cause any discomfort when consumed. There is no need to worry about overdose, any excess of quartz in the body is automatically removed by the kidneys and intestines.

Diatomaceous earth is intended to support vitality in healthy individuals. Its consumption is in no way a substitute for medical care. If you are more sensitive to changes in your diet, we recommend starting with a gradual dosage and a corresponding drinking regime. This means starting with small doses for the first few days or weeks (if needed) - ½ teaspoon per day and drinking plenty of clean water to keep the toxins flushed out of the body. Gradually, slowly increase the doses of DE according to how you feel.

(Dosage for animals is on the label. Dosage for other uses can be found on various English sites on the Internet.)

Diatomaceous earth should not be added to warm water, as the heat will melt the crystals. Diatomaceous earth is used in many different ways, external use of diatomaceous earth can dry out the skin, hands and feet, think about this for yourself and animals!

Country of origin: England

Warning: Neither silicon nor its common inorganic compounds are toxic, they are so inert that they pass through the digestive tract completely intact. Problems tend to occur with long-term inhalation of microscopic particles, more caution is recommended when using diatomaceous earth for asthmatics, its inhalation can trigger an asthma attack. Furthermore, we must be careful when using diatomaceous earth so that it does not get into the eyes, it can cause dryness of the eyes and inflammation. Excessive doses of silicon must not be used in cases where the patient has been shown to be hypersensitive to silicon, or if he suffers from severe renal impairment, as it may cause the formation of urinary stones.

The information in this text is for educational and informative purposes only. They do not aim to diagnose, treat or act as a prevention of diseases and other disharmonious states of the organism.

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