Scented pillow sprayer (not only) for a peaceful sleep

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Scented pillow sprayer (not only) for a peaceful sleep
With this spray with the scent of your choice, you can scent your pillow and duvets or various fabrics. It only takes a few minutes to prepare!More information
Ingredients for this recipeLavender essential oilBergamot essential oilYlang ylang essential oilVanilla fragranceJasmine fragranceOrange essential oilChamomile Essential OilCedar Essential OilRose and Neroli ScentSandalwood and Vanilla ScentPine Essential OilCinnamon Essential OilClove Essential OilBenzion Resin FragranceCardamom Fragrance
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Mood to order

To prepare this spray, we will use various essential oils so that it smells exactly according to our taste. As is well known, different scents can help us evoke different moods, so by choosing the right soothing scents we can support our peaceful sleep, or by combining winter and Christmas scents, we can prolong the Christmas atmosphere in our home.

We will give you some tips, but if you are playful, you can combine your own scents with different effects.

What does it take?

- Approximately 30 drops of selected essential oils

- 1 tablespoon of 99% alcohol

- Distilled water to refill the bottle

- A bottle with a spray bottle, for example a plastic one, the content of 50 ml is ideal, but we can of course also make a maximalist version in this glass bottle (but do not forget to multiply the ratios of essential oils)


As an alcohol, we do not necessarily need to use pure alcohol in the recipe. We can also use vodka and other odorless spirits, but there are also other non-alcoholic variants.

Either we make do with distilled water and essential oils, or we combine essential oils with some environmentally friendly substances. For example, solubol, where we use 4 parts of solubol for one part of essential oils. Our other option is an environmentally friendly solvent called augeo, where there are three parts of augeo to one part of essential oils.

However, the best is the combination of essential oils with a fragrance carrier, and the easiest to make is with the basis for the production of perfumes.

How to do it?

The production of this spray could not be easier - just mix all the ingredients, shake properly, and the fragrant spray is ready!

But now let's take a look at some special combinations!

For a peaceful sleep

If we have trouble sleeping, before going to bed we dust our pillows and duvets, spray a little in the air, and the calming scent will surely help us quickly float into the realm of dreams.

- 15 drops of lavender + 10 drops of bergamot + 5 drops of ylang ylang

Other calming scents include, for example, vanilla, jasmine, orange, which relieves stress and promotes a feeling of relaxation, chamomile, known for its sedative effects, or cedar, which calms the mind, helps relieve tension and relieve anxiety. Perfectly tuned fragrance compositions such as soothing Rose and Neroli or soothing Sandalwood and Vanilla are also great.

Christmas mood

Sometimes it happens that we somehow miss the real Christmas and New Year atmosphere during this period. It's no wonder that the weather behaves so crazy and in recent years, during the winter holidays, it's more like a frost before spring. But we can also get into the mood with the help of scents, or even prolong the mood a little with the help of this spray mixture - at least until New Year's Eve!

- 15 drops of pine + 2 drops of cinnamon + 2 drops of clove + 5 drops of orange + 4 drops of chamomile + 2 drops of benzoin resin, optionally we can also add a few drops of cardamom, which calms and relieves us of stress, and also acts as an aphrodisiac. :)

Of course, we don't forget to shake each spray well before using it, so that all the components of the fragrance are perfectly mixed!

And if you long for something other than a peaceful sleep or a Christmas atmosphere, come here and choose your favorite scent from an abundance of oils, from which you can mix your spray. For a moment, you can feel like a famous perfumer and discover your favorite combinations. The scented spray is also a beautiful and original gift or attention for your loved ones.

In any case, enjoy the post-Christmas period very much and, above all, rest, whether actively, for example, by making some homemade eco-stuff, or quietly passively, with candy and fairy tales.

Ekokoza wishes you a happy new year!

What essential oils will your fragrance spray contain?

Raw materials
Lavender essential oil
Orange essential oil
Cedar Essential Oil
Rose and Neroli Scent
Sandalwood and Vanilla Scent
Pine Essential Oil
Cinnamon Essential Oil
Clove Essential Oil
Benzion Resin Fragrance
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