Recycled liquid soap from the remains of solid soap for beginners

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Recycled liquid soap from the remains of solid soap for beginners
Confused about what to do with pesky little soap scraps, unpleasantly swollen soaps with a white coating, factory soap shavings or failed soap? Recycle them and make a homemade liquid soap that puts all those leftovers to great use!More information
Ingredients for this recipeVegetable glycerinPanthenolVitamin EOlive oilLemon balm essential oilThe scent of DaviniaJojoba beadsRosehip exfoliantWalnut exfoliantLiquid soap bottle
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When we wash the soap so that it shrinks several times, it is no longer practical. You can't soap your hands properly with a small piece, and most of the time its use starts to irritate us.

Similarly, it sometimes happens that the soap in a damp bathroom swells up badly, a slimy coating forms on it and it no longer looks presentable at all. And who would want to present such soap to a visitor, right?

Or we still have the impractical off-cuts that arise during the production of homemade soaps. What about them, right?

However, the solution is easy and could not be simpler. It is enough to collect such leftovers or old soaps everywhere around the house and start making homemade liquid soap! You can scent it with an essential oil exactly according to your taste, so you can avoid lengthy sniffing of soaps in the store and considering which scent suits you. You just put your favorite one there! Likewise with caring and emollient substances, dyes, glitters, vitamins and so on.

So how is such soap made? Before you start reading our instructions, you can also look here first - the process of making washing gel is very similar, so you can be tempted there too, or if you have the opportunity to try to make such a gel at home as well. It smells wonderfully soapy, but above all, it will cost much less than the purchased one. And it's definitely worth it!

What does it take?

- About 120 grams of grated soap (either from leftovers or one whole new bar of soap)

- 8 mugs, i.e. 2 liters of (distilled) water

- 1 spoon of vegetable glycerin (we also add 1 spoon of panthenol and 1 spoon of vitamin E)

- Toppings of your choice and imagination (read on for our ideas!)

- Liquid soap bottle

How to do it?

First, we grate the soap - here, watch out for soap "dust", we prefer to work with a scarf over the nose and mouth, ideally with glasses and gloves. Mix the grated soap in a saucepan with eight cups of water and heat it over low heat and mix it. We let the mixture stand for 24 hours, then we beat it properly with a hand mixer (we also tried a whisk - it works, but it's stiff - if you have a mixer, definitely go for it), mix in glycerin and other ingredients (perfume, color and otherwise embellish) and pour into liquid soap bottle.

And then we can have a nice soap at one hundred and six! You can also use this soap as a classic shower gel.

(Not only) Fragrant ingredients

As we have already indicated, you can decorate the soap to your liking. First and foremost is definitely the scent - there is a whole (and very long) range of essential oils to choose from, so you have plenty of options.

You can also choose from cosmetic scents and essential oils, then you can achieve a wonderful classic soapy scent with davinia, for example.

If you want to finish it down to the last detail, you can add color and sparkle to the soap with the help of just great mica powders or glitters.

If you are more interested in a shower gel, you can also use it to make a super body scrub - just add some exfoliant, for example jojoba beads or rosehip or walnut exfoliant. Dried milk can also be used as a peeling, for example this great mare, which we would find, among other things, also has regenerative effects. But of course that's up to you, mix and match, there are tons of options, come on!

Nourishing shower soap with olive oil according to Ms. Blažena

Mrs. Blažena once dealt with soap scraps on the eco-cosm forum. And how did she solve it? Brilliant! If you are a fan of olive oil , the nutritious whipped shower soap with olive oil according to Mrs. Blažena's recipe will be exactly for you! So thank you very much to Ms. Blažena and we are actively spreading her wonderful recipe!

What does it take?

- 100 grams of grated soap scraps/leftovers

- 200 grams of warm boiled water

- 80 grams of olive oil

- A few drops (up to 2 ml) of any essential oil, Ms. Blažena recommends, for example, lemon balm

- A suitable container, for example this plastic one, if your hands are a little dirty and you are afraid of glass in the shower or bathtub

How to do it?

Pour warm boiled water over the pieces of soap or its remains and let them swell in a tall container for at least half an hour. Add the olive oil and use a hand blender to mix the mixture until it is well whipped. Then we pour the soap into the selected container, ideally one with a wide neck - the shower gel will eventually have the consistency of a stiff pudding, so we will scoop it up with our fingers like a classic body cream.

We don't forget to close the cap after use so that the bathroom humidity doesn't turn on us with our brand new shower cream!

Soap? Only homemade!

It's an addiction... Once you start making things at home yourself, it's hard to go back to bought and packaged things. And it's the same with soaps.

If this was your first time making soap at home, be sure to check out this article, where the nice guy Martin tells how he started making soap himself.

It is not out of the question to take a look, for example, at the recipe for making soap from soapy matter, and you will definitely find some of these products for making homemade soaps useful. So good luck, but above all, enjoy the homemade production properly. It is also a wonderful rest for our soul!

And what do you do with leftover soaps? If you have a clever idea, feel free to share!

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Raw materials
Vegetable glycerin
Olive oil
Lemon balm essential oil
The scent of Davinia
Rosehip exfoliant
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