Homemade soap without hydroxide - soap made from soapy matter

30 min
Homemade soap without hydroxide - soap made from soapy matter
What should we do if we want to avoid working with sodium hydroxide and make soap, for example, with children? More information
Ingredients for this recipe1kg of soap massCrayonsParfumPeeling of raspberry seedsMolds
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We recently wrote an article about what it looks like when you start making soap at home. But working with sodium hydroxide is often the biggest obstacle. We're not going to lie, sodium hydroxide is no sharpener and can cause a lot of mischief if handled incorrectly. Therefore, the principle applies that if we work with hydroxide in the production of soaps, we carefully pay attention to safety and that children are not involved in our work.

But what to do if we want to think with the children?

It's simple, use ready-made soap mass aka soap base. This is an already matured soap that, in addition to the classic ingredients, also contains glycerin, so it dissolves beautifully and we can make soap.

There are many soap bases, you can have transparent bases, which are transparent and have slices of flowers or fruit poured into them. These basics provide a lot of scope for your imagination. You can also have white, opaque bases, these soap substances are also suitable for coloring.

What will be needed?

- 1 kg of soap mass

- Crayons

- Smell

- Peeling - e.g. lavender, poppy seeds, hibiscus flower, marigold flower, raspberry seeds, ...

- Molds

And how to do that?

You cut the soap mass into pieces and put it on a moderate flame, mix it here and there and let it dissolve. Let the dissolved mass cool down a little and we can work a suitable dye into it. We proceed by removing a little of the dissolved soap, thoroughly mixing in the desired color and then adding the whole thing to the dissolved soap. We can add the appropriate scrub and fragrance, and then all that's left is to give your soap the shape you want. After pouring the soap into the mold, let it harden for 24 hours and carefully turn it out.

                                                                 Soap mass, soap mold and liquid paint

Raw materials
1kg of soap mass
Peeling of raspberry seeds
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