Recharge your batteries - natural stimulants guarana, bee pollen, cocoa beans, goji

Recharge your batteries - natural stimulants guarana, bee pollen, cocoa beans, goji
They will help us recharge our batteries in a natural way, without having to spill hectoliters of coffee and thus risk the infamous coffee breath. And when we have enough energy, we will use these boosters in other ways.More information
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We didn't get to see White Christmas again this year, so the frosty weather came with a bit of a twist. Fluffy white dust turns to gray slush, snow turns to rain, and the weather only helps to make us tired and cold. Every morning, one would prefer to stay curled up in soft, warm blankets and not go anywhere. But most of us can't afford that, so somehow we have to gather our strength and go after our duties...

Against fatigue with the help of nature

But when those forces are not enough, we can afford to reach for a helper who will give us the much-needed energy. And if it is a natural stimulant, we don't have to have any regrets at all. Once in a while, we can give our body a little relief, and not just continue to assume that it will endure and handle everything without helping it here and there.

Full strength to work and study

Everyone will definitely appreciate these cheerleaders at the beginning of the year - New Year's resolutions tempt you to try to overcome your strengths a little. However, we must not forget to supplement them. For university students, the beginning of the year is a period of non-stop cramming for the end-of-semester exams, when they often lie in their books until late at night. Sleep must not be forgotten, but when a situation arises where the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep are definitely not enough, we can temporarily replace this missing energy!

And which products to reach for?

Guarana – an unbeatable source of energy

Guarana, or paulownia, is a shrub or small tree whose seeds contain central nervous system stimulants. The ground seed of this plant contains 5 caffeine, which is approximately twice that found in coffee. However, the effect of this stimulant is not as aggressive as that of coffee, because it does not raise blood pressure as much and does not acidify and irritate our stomach. For example, we can mix one teaspoon of ground guarana in yogurt or oatmeal and the stimulating effect will appear very soon. An excellent way to also replenish energy is to mix a teaspoon of guarana in a cup of hot cocoa. Cacao beans are another natural stimulant that we'll talk about today, so we're mixing up a really strong two.

For mash and shampoo

Guarana can also be used in cosmetics. Does the term caffeine shampoo sound familiar to you? Then you will certainly not be surprised that guarana is great in shampoo, as an ingredient that promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss.  And if you want to make a strong shampoo from scratch, you can easily do it with our ready-made shampoo mass, and improve it with guarana, for example. When making skin cosmetics, for example, guarana macerate is useful - just add a little of it to the cream mixture and suddenly you have a great fighter against skin aging.

Bee pollen – golden powder full of good mood

Bee pollen is a golden powder, full of vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and minerals, but above all a wonderful energy booster. It is considered an almost perfect food, as it contains an extraordinary amount of vital nutrients, and it is also suitable for diabetics. Its use will not only excite us wonderfully, but at the same time it will have positive effects on our health. There is a nice line of them - for example, it increases mental and physical condition, removes poisonous waste from the body, lowers blood pressure, breaks down cholesterol, increases the production of red blood cells... And in general, it generally contributes to prolonging life. We can "smuggle" it into the diet in a similar way to guarana - mix it into yogurt or muesli, but also into desserts or ice cream. But it needs a slow start, each grain of beeswax is loaded with active enzymes and nutrients, so we give the body some space to get used to this new food, and for the first few weeks we take a maximum of one to two teaspoons a day.

Thank the bees

The use of bee products can of course also be found in cosmetics. Beeswax must not be missing at home for any enthusiastic producer.

Cocoa beans - snacking for great results

The already mentioned cocoa beans are perhaps the best natural source of potassium, magnesium, iron, chromium and calcium that can be easily absorbed by our body, they also supply our body with manganese, zinc and copper. They contain vitamins A, E and B vitamins and are one of the best sources of vitamin C. However, this exhaustive list of the great properties of cocoa beans does not exhaust us by any chance, on the contrary! In addition to replenishing energy, cocoa beans can also lift our mood. This is due to a substance called serotonin, which is responsible for feelings of happiness and contentment, and that is exactly what we are missing to a large extent if our "battery" only has a few percent left. And how to use cocoa beans? Either classically, in the form of cocoa, but most everyone will surely appreciate the replenishment of energy in the form of snacking on chocolate. For this purpose, try to make homemade chocolate, and instead of nuts, sprinkle cocoa beans into it. This is called an energy bomb!

Chocolate wherever you look...

Another use of cocoa and cocoa beans is again in cosmetics. We can treat our skin to nourishment with chocolate balm and sit down with a steaming mug of poop for example to do the buffing! And as a reward after completing the test, bake some goodies with homemade chocolate extract.

Goji or Chinese goji - for strength and immunity

These cheerful dried red fruits will look great in your morning dose of cereal, you can also bake them into sticks, or simply chew them throughout the day... Kustovnice is an excellent booster of energy, but also of the natural defenses of our organism. That's why this superfood is ideal on cold winter days, when both energy and immunity are weakened. As for dosage, about a handful per day is recommended. It is best to divide it into three parts and use it in the morning, at noon and in the evening. You can also add it to salads or rice, there are simply no limits to your imagination! It is a wonderful source of vitamin C, carotenoids (including beta-carotene), contains vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E, and we could go on. Kustovnice, in short, should not be missing from our menu. But we shouldn't even overdo it with her! Superfoods in too large a quantity could, on the contrary, burden our body, so classically, everything in moderation.

And what are your go-to tricks for instant energy boosts?

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