Masks and respirators with a delicate rose scent

Masks and respirators with a delicate rose scent
You can also make wearing masks and respirators more pleasant during times of illness and colds. Maybe simply smell them!More information
Ingredients for this recipeThe flower essences of Birth
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The Story of the Rose Refreshing Flower Essence

I would like to share my new experience with the flower essences of Birth. I am a midwife and nurse, and I work in home care. Like all health professionals, we in home care are dealing with the use of protective equipment and disinfection these days.

We gradually got used to wearing respirators and frequent hand disinfection with alcohol. But our respirators "smelled" unpleasantly when we took them out of the packaging, and while using them, I and my colleagues noticed that unpleasant odors from the surroundings, such as cigarette smoke, etc., remained in them.

Breathing these "fragrances" for several hours a day is not pleasant. And so I thought about how to make them more comfortable to wear. Intuitively, I tried to use my favorite flower essences, most of all Pink Refreshment, but also Tree of Life. The respirator that I smelled with them started to smell pleasant and was easier to wear. I also felt good about at least partially disinfecting it, thanks to the mild alcohol they contain.

I sometimes use the same flower essences as a hand sanitizer. At work, I still disinfect them with commercial disinfectants, which leave my hands sore and dry. Therefore, in my personal life, I began to alternate disinfection with the use of Pink Refresh, after which the skin on my hands began to react much better. And again, thanks to the mild alcohol contained, my palms remained partially disinfected.

Many thanks to the gentle flower essences of Birth and its author.

M.Sc. Hanka Čmochová, midwife and nurse

H., Olomouc

Flower essence Pink refreshment

and the benefits of its effects when used on protective equipment and in the palms:

- brings a pleasant feeling of refreshment and lightness, stimulates the psyche and vitality even in a gloomy mood

- induces a nice emotional mood that arises almost immediately after inhaling, thanks to the stimulation of the emotional part of the brain (amygdala) via fine olfactory nerve endings in the nasal mucosa

- effectively relieves the irritation of sensitive skin, and soothes and cares for allergic skin as well

- makes the skin in the palms hydrated and silky soft thanks to the rare damascus rose hydrolate

- has antibacterial and disinfectant effects, and effectively helps in the healing process of small wounds

- the mild pharmaceutical alcohol contained contributes to its overall disinfecting effects

TIP FOR YOU: The pink refreshment has also proven itself in daily facial skin care, into which it is carefully rubbed under a regular day cream or massage mixture, thus becoming a pleasant part of the morning beautifying ritual.

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