Maca Vital - root extract, 10 ml
Maca Vital - root extract, 10 ml
Maca Vital - root extract, 10 ml

Maca Vital - root extract, 10 ml

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Maca root extract is renowned for its revitalizing and strengthening effects, which is why this substance is used in your products to stimulate hair growth and fight hair loss.More information
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  • Maca root extract, a sacred plant of the Incas, renowned for its revitalizing and strengthening effects, this active ingredient is incorporated into your hair products to stimulate hair growth and combat hair loss.
  • A study shows that it can improve the hair follicles' resistance to stress. Easily incorporated into your shampoos, hair creams or conditioners.
  • Extraction of Maca roots with a mixture of ethanol and water, evaporation of the solvent and subsequent mixing into vegetable glycerin as a carrier.

Advantages and features

  • Softener, hair strengthener
  • It stimulates hair growth and increases cell proliferation in the hair bulb
  • Strengthens hair: cell proliferation increases in the epithelial capsule, which is the hair's nutritional reserve, at the level of the hair bulb and which allows hair to develop. A healthy epithelial covering will therefore result in thicker hair.
  • Fight against hair loss: by increasing the resistance of the hair bulb against stress factors (pollution, tobacco, etc.), by increasing the density of collagen in the supporting tissue of the scalp, which improves the adhesion of the hair to the scalp.
  • Cosmetics, active 100% natural origin, without preservatives and additives.
  • Cosmetically active substance, especially for hair cosmetics.
  • Features in the products: slowing down hair loss.
  • A clear, viscous liquid of yellow to amber brown color, with a characteristic herbal maca odor
  • Soluble in water, insoluble in oil

Quick recipes

  • For strengthening shampoo: 100 ml shampoo base + add 4 ml maca root extract + add 2 ml panthenol
  • For intensive cream for mature skin: 100 ml cream base + 3 ml maca extract + 0.3 g Elastine boost + 3 ml Algo'boost


  • from 1-5%


  • Glycerin, Lepidium meyenii root extract
Unit volume (ml)10
Package size1
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