Homemade perfume for him and for her - oil, with or without alcohol

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Homemade perfume for him and for her - oil, with or without alcohol
Are you also confused about what to buy your significant other for Valentine´s Day, May Day or birthday this year? How about not buying anything, but rather spending a pleasant moment over the production of our home made-to-measure perfume? There are a lot of essential oils and their fragrant combinations, just choose!More information
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You can buy the individual ingredients right below the procedure

In addition, these perfumes are not toxic at all, we are aware of all the ingredients when making them, and there is nothing more romantic than giving your beloved a perfume that you have mixed for him yourself. In addition, your loved ones will smell exactly as you imagined!

The base, heart and head of the perfume

When we make a perfume with the help of essential oils, we have to remember that there are three levels of perfume - the base, the heart and the head.

The base of the perfume - low notes

For the base, or low notes, we use rather heavier oils, usually 12-20 drops in total. For example, we choose from the following oils:

- ylang ylang - jasmine - patchouli - cinnamon - sandalwood - pine - cedar - myrrh - vanilla

The heart of the perfume - middle tones

Add approximately 25-30 drops of essential oils to the heart or middle notes of the perfume, you can choose from the following essential oils:

- lavender - rose - blue chamomile - rosemary - laurel

Perfume head - top notes

Here we add 12-15 drops of top notes, such as oils such as:

- orange - tangerine - grapefruit - lemon - neroli - bergamot - eucalyptus - mint - sage - tea tree

Oil perfumes

If you prefer oil fragrances that do not contain alcohol, we have a great tip for you. Jojoba oil is ideal for mixing oil perfume.

Fans of oil perfumes will definitely find this article on carrier oils useful, where you can find other possible variants.

You can find another interesting and useful article about the use of other oils here - oils are super practical, and they are also a balm for body and soul. Once you fall for them, there's no going back. If this is also your case, visit our eco goat e-shop. There are a lot of them!

What does it take?

- 20 ml carrier oil

- 60 drops of arbitrarily mixed selected essential oils

- A bottle with a dropper (ideally this dark one)

How to do it?

Add at least 60 drops of selected essential oils to 20 ml of selected carrier oil (for example, jojoba oil , which works great as a carrier), or you can experiment with the concentration. It is completely individual, if you like more intense scents, add more drops and vice versa.

Other alcohol-free options

However, if you do not feel that oil fragrances are not the real nut, but you do not want an alcoholic perfume, try these environmentally friendly substances.

Solubol is an alcohol-free solubilizer for easy mixing of essential oils in water. We mix in a ratio of 4:1 - 4 parts of solubol to 1 part of essential oils.

Another option is an environmentally friendly solvent called augeo, where we mix in a ratio of 3:1 - 3 parts of augeo to 1 part of essential oils.

Alcoholic fragrances

When producing alcoholic fragrances, you can really feel like a perfumer - this is a mixture of your chosen essential oils and alcohol, which has several invaluable properties in the production of perfume, which is why it is so widely used in the classic large-scale production of perfumes. Firstly, it perfectly preserves your perfumes and thus extends their shelf life. Second, it's complete alchemy!

Alcohol reacts interestingly with essential oils. The finished mixture of perfume and essential oils must be left to mature for at least two weeks, during which time the fragrance will change quite radically. What may not seem like an amazing combination of scents at the beginning can develop into a wonderful aroma. But beware, it can also work the other way around. Therefore, the production of alcoholic fragrances is more suitable from a longer-term point of view. You will probably have to experiment for a while before you come up with the ideal combinations.

Therefore, the preparation of an alcoholic perfume is quite different from others, but keep in mind that absolutely all perfumes are more pronounced if we let them stand for a while - at least two days. Patience brings roses, but we all know that!

Whatever it looks like

Before we start the preparation, we must of course have the perfect coat ready for our perfume, so that it not only smells nice, but also looks nice.

For example, this small glass chubby bottle will look very nice, if you want to start production on a large scale, then this larger glass bottle with a sprayer will be ideal for you. But we also have some special ones - how about a practical mini-package for a handbag, or this slightly larger package. And this metal perfume protector is also a great invention. And you don't have to worry - if you make more fragrances than the contents of the selected bottle, you can keep the rest in stock, for example, pour it into such a stylish glass bottle, but it must be added that a dark bottle is recommended for storing perfume. This is because it keeps the notes of your perfume the longest. Of course, this also applies to other perfumes - if you have the opportunity, put them in a dark glass, because this helps to preserve their fragrance and quality for longer.

What does it take?

- 120 ml of high-percentage alcohol - on Ekokoza you can find high-percentage alcohol The basis for the production of perfume, which you can also use for homemade hand disinfection

- 70-90 drops of selected essential oils

As for alcohol, we don't necessarily need to use pure alcohol. Plain vodka or other odorless alcohol will also work (the higher the percentage, the better!).

A fragrant option FOR HER

- 120 ml of perfume base

- 12 to 20 drops of low notes - eg jasmine, ylang ylang, sandalwood

- 25 to 30 drops of middle tones - for example rose, lavender

- 12 to 15 drops of high notes - for example orange, neroli, bergamot

A fragrant option FOR HIM

- 120 ml of perfume base

- 12 to 20 drops of low tones - for example cedar, sandalwood, pine

- 25 to 30 drops of middle tones - for example rosemary, laurel, basil

- 12 to 15 drops of high notes - for example bergamot, eucalyptus, tea tree

How to do it?

Mix all the essential oils in a dark bottle to achieve the desired scent. Let the mixture sit for a few days before adding alcohol and shaking. Finally, store the perfume in a cool, dark place, ideally for a month. The scent settles beautifully and intensifies.

Because everyone has really individual tastes, it is difficult to determine an ideal combination of fragrances for women and men - someone always suits more and someone less. Above, at least, we chose sweeter and more floral notes for women, and earthier and woody ones for men. But try it yourself - it just takes a pinch of courage, imagination and a good handful of enthusiasm!

When there is no more time…

Alcoholic fragrances have to mature for several days, and sometimes there simply isn't time for that. If we still don't want to give up the idea of making our own perfume for our love, the solution is easy. Try this simple homemade perfume recipe using a perfume base and various cosmetic fragrances or essential oils, and your custom perfume will be ready in minutes!

A little advice at the end

Some essential oils are a bit coloured, so when applying perfume be sure not to get it on your light colored clothes. It is best to apply the perfume carefully to the pulse zones, i.e. the wrist, neck and the small area behind the ear. But don't forget to test the perfume on a piece of skin (ideally the inside of the wrist, where the skin is sensitive) before you start using the perfume to see if it fits you well and if it won't irritate your skin. If your skin doesn't turn red where you apply the perfume, then you should be fine.

Well, and from now on you can smell for a hundred hunts without any worries!

So what else can we add to the Valentine's package?

To make the gift for our loved ones a tip top, we can add another useful homemade eco-cosmetic to the loved one's package. For example, a homemade roll-on deodorant or a practical solid deodorant. And gentlemen will especially appreciate this great aftershave.

More fragrant articles

If you're on a scented wave and don't want to get off it, take a look at our other scented articles. You can also make this scented pillow spray exactly how you like it, and here are some tips on how to conjure up the atmosphere at home with scents - just mix some romantic and loving ones instead of autumnal scents, for example rose, jasmine, ylang ylang or cherry.

And are you interested in how to make a nice perfume from scratch, without using essential oils, but honestly, with real ingredients? Take a look at the perfect article from Moda.sk about the production of organic fragrances, in which you will find instructions for a spicy perfume with orange!

So what magical combination of oils will you try in your perfume?

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