Brightening roll-on for the eye area - aloe vera serum with caffeine and hyaluronic acid

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Brightening roll-on for the eye area - aloe vera serum with caffeine and hyaluronic acid
Refreshing, hydrating, puffiness-disappearing face and eye serum with aloe vera in a roll-on bottle, thanks to which you can enjoy a perfect massage around the eyes and the whole face several times a day. It is flawless and visibly works!More information
Ingredients for this recipe14g of aloe vera hydrolate6.5g of aloe vera gel5g of hyaluronic acid1g of sodium lactate0.5g of panthenol0.1g of caffeine0.2g of Leucidal
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The idea of an eye and face roll-on, which removes signs of fatigue, cools and refreshes the face and wakes up in the morning and relaxes in the evening, came in the days following the change of time, when we are all always somehow broken and wrinkled and sleepless. It was part skin serum, part eye gel, part facial massage tool. The result is a wonderful tool for moisturizing, softening and soothing and smoothing the skin, which will help remove signs of fatigue from the face.

The serum is extremely light, cooling, non-sticky, non-heavy and absorbs immediately, so it will be pleasant even on summer days (we recommend keeping the bottle in the fridge, mmm...), when classic creams and oil serums can be unpleasantly sticky.

The mixture consists of the best softening and moisturizing ingredients: anti-inflammatory aloe vera gel, aloe vera hydrolate and healing panthenol (vitamin B5). Silky and wrinkle-smoothing hyaluronic acid and invincibly hydrating sodium lactate will also join the party. All ingredients will please dry, maturing, irritated and extremely sensitive skin. Caffeine will take care of the brightening and disappearance of puffiness, which at the same time promotes firmness and elasticity, which we will surely appreciate not only in the area around the eyes. :)

Aloe vera gel and hydrolate provide refreshment, as well as a roll-on metal ball that glides delicately on the skin and, especially if you put the product in the fridge, will maintain an extremely pleasant coolness for a long time.

Roll-ons with bamboo lids or classic blue roll-on bottles look beautiful. The serum will work flawlessly in another bottle, but the metal roll-on gives it a really big boost.

So let's get to it!

What does it take?

To fill three 10ml roll-on bottles

- 14 grams of aloe vera hydrolate

- 6.5 grams of aloe vera gel

- 5 grams of 1% hyaluronic acid solution*

- 1 gram of sodium lactate

- 0.5 grams of panthenol

- 0.1 gram of caffeine

- 0.2 grams of Leucidal preservative

How to do it?

*First, prepare the hyaluronic acid solution. We recommend making a solution "for stock" according to these instructions: Hyaluronic serum - This serum can be stored for several months in the refrigerator and used in other recipes or on its own.

Weigh all the ingredients into a small container, mix well and wait until everything is mixed. If you have trouble dissolving the caffeine, heat the mixture in a water bath. Then, using a small funnel, pour into the prepared roll-ons. Shake before use.

And it is done!

Raw materials
14g of aloe vera hydrolate
6.5g of aloe vera gel
5g of hyaluronic acid
1g of sodium lactate
0.5g of panthenol
0.1g of caffeine
0.2g of Leucidal
Leucidal, 30 ml

Leucidal, 30 ml

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