The basis for the production of perfume, ethanol

Base for perfume production, ethanol, 100 ml

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This base allows you to create your perfume in a few minutes.More information
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This base allows you to create your perfume in a few minutes.


Surfactant - measured 0.15%, methyl ethyl ketone 1.10%, monoethylene glycol 1.8%, bitrex 1.30g/hl, isopropyl alcohol 1.10%, density 0.816 g/cm3, ethanol 93.30%

What is denaturation?

  • Denaturation is the addition of another substance to alcohol so that it cannot be used for human consumption.
  • Here BITREX is used as a denaturing additive.


  • It is the most bitter of all substances.
  • It is inert and odorless, used in small quantities and imparts such an unpleasant taste that the product is inedible.
  • Bitrex is unpleasant enough to prevent accidental ingestion.
  • Bitrex is approved by Ecocert for organic products.
  • Due to the properties of bitrex, it is not advisable to use it in cosmetics where there is a risk of "tasting" the product on the skin or being sprayed into the air.


  • This base is ideal for aromatherapy preparations.
  • It promotes the penetration of essential oils and improves bioavailability.
  • Suitable filling: roll-on, atomizers


  • Generally: 80 - 94%
  • Perfume - 80 - 85% base for making perfume, 15 - 20% fragrance
  • Eau de toilette - 80-92% base for perfume production, 8-20% fragrance
  • Cologne - 88 - 94% base for perfume production, 6 - 12% fragrance


  • Signal word: Danger
  • H225 Highly flammable liquid and vapour.
  • H319 Causes serious eye irritation.


  • bitrex denatured alcohol, aqua (purified water)


The image is only illustrative! The subject of delivery is only the basis for the production of perfume, ethanol.

Unit volume (ml)100
Package size1
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