Sulfated castor oil
Sulfated castor oil
Sulfated castor oil

Sulfated castor oil, 100 ml

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Sulfated castor oil dissolves essential and vegetable oils in water, it is used in the production of bath oils.More information
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  • Sulfated castor oil is obtained from castor oil by a chemical reaction with sulfuric acid.
  • An unsaponifiable oil used in some soap recipes. It is not suitable as a base oil for soap making, it is unsaponifiable.
  • This oil dissolves completely in water. Sulfated castor oil is created by adding sulfuric acid to castor oil and is considered the first synthetic detergent.
  • The synonymous name is Turkish Red Oil and it is known to have a strong and heavy smell. It is a surfactant and therefore makes a great base for a bath oil as it mixes well with water.


  • Disperses essential and vegetable oils in water.
  • For cosmetic use


  • Soluble in water


  • 0.2-4%

Biological definition

  • 30 – 50% Castor Oil, Sulphate, Sodium Salt CAS: 68187-76-8
  • CAS-No 68187-76-8 EC No. 269-123-7 EINECS No. 269-123-71.2


  • Signal word: Warning
    • H319-Causes serious skin irritation
Unit volume (ml)100
Package size1
Country of originEU
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