Shea butter, refined
Shea butter, refined
Shea butter, refined

Shea butter, refined, 25 kg

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Refined shea butter is mainly used as a basic raw material for soaps.More information
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  • Shea butter, also known under the name shea butter, is obtained from the large brown nuts of the African tree known under the English name Shea tree.
  • Shea butter is mainly used in creams and soaps, which have beneficial effects on the skin, which hydrate, nourish, soften and protect against adverse weather.
  • Raw material for the production of cosmetics.
  • INCI: Butyrospermum parkii Butter
  • Solubility: in hot fats

Because we have many types of shea butter, we have prepared a clear table for you with their comparison. It will help you in your choice.

An overview of shea butters

Refined shea butter

  • White color
  • Use: base butter suitable for soaps

Organic shea butter deodorized

  • Color: white, slightly yellowish in places
  • Characteristics: An interesting option, especially considering the price.

Organic unrefined natural shea butter

  • Color: white to ivory
  • Characteristics: Here we go to another level. The smell and color is a step better than the previous butter. The butter smells beautifully of shea butter, however, the smell is not at all disturbing, but on the contrary, it is very pleasant. The butter is soft.

Shea butter BIO ultra unrefined

  • Yellow color
  • Characteristics: The butter has a distinct scent of shea butter and is the yellowest of our products (except nilotica). It is also the most "grainy". Maybe the strong smell can be disturbing for some.

BIO NILOTICA shea butter

  • Yellow color
  • Characteristics: Nilotica cannot be compared with others, because it is a different type of butter. But we've added it here for completeness. It is creamy, has a lower melting point and a specific smell.
Unit weight (g)25000
Package size1
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