Polysorbate 80 E433

Polysorbate 80 E433, 1 l

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Derived from olive oil, Polydorbat 80 is an oil-in-water emulsifier / solubiliser, often used as a dispersant to allow oil and water to combine.More information
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E433, polyoxyethylene, sorbitan monooleate, Tween 80


  • Emulsifier, stabilizer


  • First, an appropriate amount of polysorbate 80 is added to essential, perfume, or any other oil (for example, olive oil) and thoroughly mixed. Only this mixture is mixed into the final product.
  • For the production of bath oils and massage oils. It can be used in all products containing only water (floral or distilled), e.g. tonics, lotions or sprays, or in products containing water and surfactants such as shampoos, shower gels, cleansing gels and others.


  • In water and glycerin


  • A mixture of sorbitol polymerizing with ethylene oxide and oil esters with an average polymer chain length of 80 units


  • Polysorbate-80
Unit volume (ml)1000
Package size1
Country of originEU
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