Lanolin anhydrous

Anhydrous lanolin, 1 kg

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Natural lanolin made from sheep's wool with significant moisturizing properties protects the skin and clothes from moisture.More information
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Adeps lanae


  • Anhydrous lanolin, adeps lanae, is used to impregnate children's fleeces, gloves, sweaters, etc.
  • Natural lanolin made from sheep's wool with significant moisturizing properties protects the skin and clothes from moisture.
  • Solubility in hot fat


In its composition and properties, lanolin is the closest to human skin fat of all natural fats. In the form of vaseline, it is used as a base for the production of ointments, but above all it is a very good skin care agent, as it functionally replaces skin fat. Lanolin softens and softens the skin and helps with rough and cracked skin.


A liter of hot water and half a teaspoon of lanolin. We stir and yellow greasy circles form on the surface - to dissolve it we need to add a little shampoo for wool or shampoo - mix and white water is formed, which we top up with cold water (at such a temperature that the waves do not stick to us!) We immerse the dry waves, preferably upside down on the reverse side and let it impregnate overnight. Then just take it out and let it dry.

How to make lanolin ointment?

Lanolin ointment with shea butter is an excellent helper in skin care - it is especially effective on a scratched nose during a cold, on eczematous skin, dry skin, puncture wounds or scars.

We will need

  • Lanolin
  • Shea butter (preferably unrefined)
  • Natural essential oil (depending on the intended use, e.g. lavender, motherwort or eucalyptus)
  • Quality oil - argan, jojoba, hemp or castor oil


  • Mix the same amount of lanolin and shea butter thoroughly while cold: put the shea butter in the container and gradually mix in the lanolin in parts.
  • After thoroughly beating 150 grams of this base, add 1 teaspoon of quality oil, preferably oil with a medicinal component. Mix thoroughly and at the end thoroughly mix in a few drops of pure natural essential oil (approx. 4-5 drops depending on the requirement and type of essential oil). We fill the finished ointment into the prepared cans.


  • adeps lanae
  • pure fat from sheep's wool
Unit weight (g)1000
Package size1
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