Himalayan pink salt
Himalayan pink salt
Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan pink salt, 5 kg

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Himalayan pink salt is used to make bath mixes and as an ingredient in soaps.More information
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  • This beautiful pink Himalayan salt contains natural minerals and trace elements.
  • Himalayan pink salt comes from Pakistan from the Khewra salt mine in Punjab province.
  • It got its name thanks to the Himalayas, which are located only 200 kilometers from the mine. It is the second largest salt mine in the world and since the 16th century, salt has been exported from here to the world.
  • Himalayan crystal salt contains important minerals that the human body needs. These elements were part of the primeval sea and are of central importance to the human organism.
  • Our Himalayan salt is unrefined. It means that it has not been modified with chemical substances and has thus preserved its form from nature. It therefore does not contain preservatives or anti-caking agents like refined salt.
  • Very valuable crystalline salt interweaves the rock salt like a tangle of veins.
  • The red color of the salt is caused by iron oxide. Crystalline salt forms fine fractal forms thanks to its geometric structure.
  • Due to its regular crystalline structure, crystalline salt has strong natural, life-giving powers for organs and nerves.
  • Grain size 0.8 to 3.15 mm.
  • Legislative classification: Edible rock salt


  • It is used to make bath mixtures and as an ingredient in soaps.
  • Kitchen - salting of dishes
  • Bathroom - you can also use Himalayan salt as bath salt and indulge yourself in well-deserved relaxation
  • Decoration - thanks to its beautiful coloring, you can arrange it as a decoration for your home


  • Store in a dry and cool place.


  • Table salt, NaCl content 98%


  • Sodium Chloride
Unit weight (g)5000
Package size1
Country of originPakistan
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