Glyceryl oleate

Glyceryl oleate, 100 g

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Primarily used in shower gel, shampoo and wash products, it balances the sometimes drying effect of surfactant ingredients to deliver moisture and softness.More information
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  • Glyceryl oleate is obtained by esterification of vegetable glycerol and oleic acid.
    • Glyceryl oleate is a lipid that helps increase the viscosity of the finished product, glyceryl oleate will increase emulsion stability and aid in cleansing and foaming capabilities as a non-ionic surfactant.
    • Glyceryl oleate adds great re-softening properties to your products.
    • Glyceryl oleate can add consistency to formulations and create fine structured textures.
    • Glyceryl oleate gives cosmetic products repairing properties and turns them into soft, gentle and moisturizing products.
    • Glyceryl oleate is known to be part of the surface lipid composition of human skin and to be present in the vernix caseosa of newborns to prevent skin dryness.
    • Glyceryl oleate can be found in lipids from human hair. Once adsorbed from the hair, it reduces roughness and reduces the combing force of wet hair to improve shine and hair quality.
    • Origin: Natural vegetable sugars and fatty acids
    • Glyceryl oleate is an emulsifier, it helps combine the water and oil base in the product. You can find it in hair, body and decorative cosmetics.
    • Extraction: natural monoester derived from glycerol and oleic acid.
    • HLB: ~9


    • The beauty of glycerol oleate is its ease of use when added to a formulation. For emulsions, you simply add an ingredient to the oil phase and heat.
    • For surfactant mixtures, you can add during production, just heat the mixture to incorporate the glycerol oleate.
    • Glyceryl oleate, which is used in a variety of products, is mainly found in shower gel, shampoos, face washes and other foaming products.
    • It is often popularly used in baby care products, thanks to its formula that helps keep babies' skin moist.
    • Applied in cosmetics - Glyceryl oleate penetrates the stratum corneum and increases skin elasticity. Glyceryl oleate, used in body wash, reduces skin roughness caused by surfactants.
    • Glyceryl oleate is a versatile emulsifier or co-emulsifier that can be used for W/O and O/W emulsions in dosages of approximately 3% - 6%.
    • As a hair or skin conditioner in surfactant-based cleaning formulations, it reaches levels of up to 1%, resulting in clear products.
    • Create water-in-oil emulsions where water is the most abundant compound, but you can also use it as a co-emulsifier and thickener for an oil-based formula.


    • 0.5 - 2%
    • In shampoos: 0.5 - 1%
    • In shower gels 1.5 - 2%
    • In conditioner 0.5%

    INCI: Glyceryl oleate

    CAS number: 25496-72-4

Unit weight (g)100
Package size1
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