Carrageenan - Irish moss

Carrageenan - Irish moss, 500 g

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Carrageenan, or Irish moss, is an extract from red algae. It is used to thicken and stabilize food products (creams, whipped cream, ice cream) and as an emulsifier.More information
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  • Chondrus crispus red seaweed extract
  • Carrageenan (also carrageenan) is a group of linear sulfated polysaccharides, which is obtained by extraction from red seaweed, most often from the curly pufferfish. It is a substance related to agar.


  • Raw material for cosmetics production.
  • It is used for the production of elastic transparent gels. It is excellent for making jelly. Gels with carrageenan are gentle and moisturizing for the skin as well as the hair.
  • Jelly-like aqueous solutions
  • Soft elastic gels, of the "jelly" type
  • Transparent and colorless gels, odorless
  • Good compatibility with surface-active substances makes it possible to create a foaming gel
  • Good gel stability over a wide pH range
  • You can influence the strength of the gel by adding salt
  • Cosmetic gels
  • Hair gel
  • Foam thickening products
  • Emulsion thickening and stabilization
  • Procedure: add to cold water and heat to 70-80°C and then cool to 45-55°C
  • By adding salt to the water (0.5 - 1.5%), you increase the strength of the gel


  • In the hot aqueous phase 70-80°C


  • 0.1-3%


  • Carrageenan
Unit weight (g)500
Package size1
Country of originEU
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