Argan oil BIO deodorized
Argan oil BIO deodorized
Argan oil BIO deodorized

Argan oil BIO deodorized, 1 l

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Deodorized argan oil is free of the typical argan oil smell, smooths the skin, protects the skin from external influences and moisturizes it, has regenerative and softening effects.More information
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  • The oil is cold-pressed from the nuts of small trees growing in southern Morocco and has been used in local tradition for centuries to beautify the skin and maintain a youthful appearance.
  • This oil is deodorized, i.e. devoid of the typical strong smell that argan oil normally has.
  • Cosmetic oil, beauty elixir for all skin types
  • Argan oil for cosmetic purposes is produced by cold pressing from the fruits of the Argania spinosa tree.
  • Unlike the oil for food purposes, which has a brown color, a nutty taste and is made from roasted fruits, the oil for cosmetic purposes has a yellow color, the smell somewhat resembles a "goat" smell and a characteristic taste.
  • It retains all the nutrients and vitamins because it is not modified in any way during production.
  • If you don't like the strong smell of argan oil, try this deodorized argan oil, which has already been stripped of its strong smell.
  • Fat solubility


  • When used in creams, it smoothes and softens the skin, naturally protects the skin from external influences, hydrates and supplies it with important bioactive substances.
  • The oil contains a high percentage of vitamin E - alpha tocopherol, which is why it is an exceptionally capable helper in protecting the skin against damage caused by free oxygen radicals.
  • The content of unsaturated fatty acids, carotenes and phytosterols is also significant.
  • Argan oil has strong regenerative and softening effects and reliably restores the vitality of dry, parched, sensitive, damaged or prematurely mature skin.


  • Argania spinosa oil, cold pressed deodorized / single species


  • Argania Spinosa Oil
Unit volume (ml)1000
Package size1
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