Annatto powder

Annatto (Urucum) powder, 20 g

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Annatto (urucum) powder is a dye that is intended for coloring cosmetic products, e.g. soap.More information
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  • Annatto water soluble powder extract is made from the colorful seeds of a tropical tree commonly known as achiote. This natural extract is a beautiful, deep sunset orange shade.
  • It produces a range of warm orange hues when incorporated into soaps, lotions, creams, gels, sprites, bath salts and other personal care products.
  • Also known as achiote powder, annatta seeds grow inside the spiny fruit of the achiote tree. Annatto powders were primarily used in the past as a dye for make-up, textiles or to color food.
  • However, many people are starting to use achiote powder as a spice on its own. The taste is bittersweet with notes of mace and mint. The seeds are often added to oils to flavor and color them.
  • Extraction method: Extracted in water, filtered, concentrated and dried.
  • This dye is intended for dyeing cosmetic products, e.g. soap.
  • You may know him under the name Urucum.

For soap making applications

  • Several factors, including the base color of your recipe, will affect the final color achieved when using this extract.
  • The final result will also depend on which phase the extract is added to. Therefore, we recommend experimenting by creating different test batches to compare the results obtained by adding the extract directly to the oil phase, dipping the extract in the lye solution, and adding traces of the extract to the combined phases.

For other cosmetics and personal care applications

  • The water-soluble powder extract can be used as a natural herbal colorant in personal care formulations. We recommend doing a few test batches to find the ideal usage rate for your product.
  • Colors and color intensity may vary depending on pH levels and possible interactions with other ingredients.


  • Bixa Orellana (Annatto) Seed Extract (a) Maltodextrin
Unit weight (g)20
Package size1
Country of originEU
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