Winter cream

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Winter cream
If I wanted to, I could make a pretty good living as a tree frog. I don't know about you, but the stages of winter bring out my face perfectly. More information
Ingredients for this recipeNimbus oilRaspberry oilAcai berry oilOlive squalaneBeeswaxSage essential oilLavender essential oilVitamin E
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A scaly nose? Plus minus 5 degrees. Chin flakes? We are at zero. A few degrees lower, I'm already scaly all over. That's why I deal with skin nutrition in winter more than usual.

Last year I ran on oils in the winter, this year thanks to the cream mixed according to today's recipe (which was created in cooperation with the Ekokoza eshop), I found out that it goes even better. Since the scales continue to avoid me, I'd almost say it's going quite well.

The caring oils, of which raspberry also provides SPF protection, were joined by an expert on dry skin - vitamin E, an effective fighter against dehydration - olive squalane, and beeswax locks it all in the skin.

What will be needed?

- Nimbus oil

- Raspberry oil

- Acai berry oil

- Olive squalane

- Beeswax

- Essential oil Sage, Lavender

- Vitamin E

How to do it?

The procedure probably won't surprise you. First measure the ingredients. According to the volume, I used beeswax, raspberry oil, nimbus oil, olive squalane and acai berry oil in a ratio of 5:5:5:2:1. Heat in a water bath and set aside after dissolving into a homogeneous mixture.

Add a few drops of essential oils, I'll admit that I'm in a lavender season right now (drip essence in the bath, on the duvet, on clothes) so I couldn't miss this calming essential oil. I chose sage because it is one of the most beneficial essential oils ever – it helps balance sebum production, has an anti-inflammatory effect, is a strong antioxidant, and balances skin tone. If you're comfortable with a different combination of essential oils, go for it!

Finally, take a little vitamin E on the end of a stick and mix it into the mixture, which you pour into the prepared cups, ideally pre-washed with lukewarm water with grapefruit extract.

The finished cream behaves more like a solid oil. But it picks up and spreads without problems. I apply it to slightly moistened skin for faster absorption and maximum effects - thanks to the water, it penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin.

Neem oil is one of the most popular oils in terms of skin care (you probably know it under its English name "neem oil" ). It is easily absorbed, has a huge amount of vitamins and fatty acids, and hydrates intensively and for a long time. It has the ability to prevent the loss of moisture, which will also ensure the beeswax. Nimbus oil is prized especially for its ability to eliminate fine wrinkles and restore elasticity to the skin.

Raspberry oil, in addition to smelling wonderful, provides a high SPF factor. By itself, it has SPF 28-50 against UVB rays, 8-10 against UVA. Similar to nimbus oil, it is very rich in fatty acids, it is said to be among the most antioxidant oils.

The acai fruit ranks among the so-called superfoods, so it is no surprise that the oil is also super. It will be the greatest treasure for maturing skin (smaller tip, if you are already worried about wrinkles – make skin oil from an argan base with a mixture of acai berry oil, vitamin E and sage). Easy absorption and a high amount of vitamins take care of a deep restart of the skin.

Olive squalane prevents moisture loss, strengthens the skin's natural barrier. Due to its structure almost identical to sebum, it is very natural for the skin and helps the other ingredients to penetrate the individual layers better. Excellently regenerates and restores damaged skin. And by the way – it provides that velvety finish that we know from silicone bases under makeup. Just without the silicones.

I've been using the cream every day since the beginning of January and it's been great. I also apply it under the eye area and since I consistently apply it to damp skin, I have no problem with the decorative facade not sticking to me. It absorbs well.

Raw materials
Nimbus oil
Raspberry oil
Acai berry oil
Olive squalane
Sage essential oil
Nutmeg sage, 10 ml

Nutmeg sage, 10 ml

10,07 EUR
Lavender essential oil
Vitamin E
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