Winter body care oil with plum oil and warm spices

45 min
Winter body care oil with plum oil and warm spices
Fragrant and silky soft body oil that will warm you even on the coldest days. In addition to marzipan plum, it smells of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom or vanilla. It softens the skin and effectively protects it from the cold, yet it absorbs very quickly so that you can immediately put on the necessary layers of clothing after a bath.More information
Ingredients for this recipe28g of jojoba oil10g of plum oil6g of Olive 3000.7g of vitamin E0.2g of Warm Spice fragrance0.1g of Vanilla scentBottle with a pump
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The production of care oil could not be easier - the raw materials are weighed, mixed, poured into a bottle and that's it. But the result is so stunning that you will undoubtedly shine with it if you decide to give it as a gift. Decorate the bottle with a pretty label or bow and that's it. And we advise you well - maybe just multiply the batch you are going to make - the oil will not spoil and in a few minutes you can make several luxurious gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

Marzipan and sweet cherries in plum oil

This fragrant miracle is blended from an absolutely stellar ingredient that deserves much more attention than it gets here - cold-pressed plum oil. You will fall in love with the fluffy, golden yellow oil the first time you smell it and apply it. Few carrier oils will make you as happy as this one. Unlike most of its colleagues, it really smells divine and specific. And it will add this marzipan cherry soothing scent to all the products you use it in.

So if you think that body oil is a very boring affair that is not even worth mixing, try this one with plum oil. We also did not think that something so simple and quickly made would arouse so much love and popularity in us.

A caring oil that turns into a body lotion

To the plum oil, we add the equally wonderful jojoba oil, which softens and moisturizes the skin. Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax, so it leaves a very pleasant (and not at all greasy) protective layer on the skin, thanks to which the skin remains smooth and silky several hours after application. Because we like to apply body oils on wet skin, we reached for a variant of water-soluble jojoba oil, thanks to which you can also use the oil as a shower. We have supported this ability of "water-solubility" with the excellent Olivem 300, a liquid emulsifier that turns the oil into a body lotion after contact with skin wet from a bath, like a wave of a wand. Seriously! Even its color changes immediately and the deep yellow oil turns white and milky. But you definitely don't have to apply the oil only to damp skin. It is perfectly absorbed even on completely dry skin.

Plum with warm spicy spices

The scent of plum oil is more than enough to make you happy. We wanted to warm up the frail body in winter even more, so we supplemented the aroma of marzipan and cherries with a drop of smoky sweet vanilla and a spicy spicy mixture of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and coriander. It all fits together so perfectly that you can almost taste the oil every time you apply it :)) It smells like the best winter dessert or baked tea. In addition, it leaves the skin incredibly soft and nourished and not at all greasy and heavy. Cold pressed plum oil.

What does it take?

- 28 grams of jojoba oil (water soluble)

- 10 grams of cold-pressed plum oil

- 6 grams of Olive 300

- 0.7 grams of vitamin E

- 0.2 grams of Warm Spice fragrance

- 0.1 gram of Vanilla scent

The amount of oil is sufficient for one 50 ml bottle, try this one with a pump, which is perfect for this oil.

How to do it?

Weigh all the ingredients in a container, mix and pour into the prepared bottles with a pump or pipette. If you want, you can use a funnel to weigh the ingredients directly into the bottle - but then choose its volume carefully.

Pleasant lubrication and sniffing!

Raw materials
28g of jojoba oil
10g of plum oil
Plum oil, 50 ml

Plum oil, 50 ml

13,20 EUR
6g of Olive 300
0.7g of vitamin E
0.2g of Warm Spice fragrance
0.1g of Vanilla scent
Vanilla, 10 ml

Vanilla, 10 ml

3,15 EUR
Bottle with a pump
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