Water is not like water - flower and herbal waters and their use

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Water is not like water - flower and herbal waters and their use
There is a whole range of floral waters, although you won't be able to match any of them, but it's still good to know which one will be right for you!More information
Ingredients for this recipeChamomile Flower WaterLavender Flower WaterRose Flower WaterMint Flower WaterCornflower Flower WaterJasmine Flower WaterTea tree flower waterOrange flower waterVerbena flower waterSpray bottles
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What can it do?

Lotion can be replaced with herbal or floral water. The ideal solution can be to use dry or fresh plants, then make an infusion from them and then wash your skin after it cools down.

It is practical to use prepared flower waters, which can also be used in the production of cosmetics. There are many plants that are used for these purposes, and depending on the type, we can reduce acne, perfuse the skin and bring relief in case of irritation.

Which one to choose?

Herbal water has the advantage of providing the skin with enough beneficial substances. The selection itself is based on the individual properties of the plants. For an idea, the following overview of the most used herbs.

Chamomile soothes irritated skin and helps reduce inflammation.

Lavender is the first aid for burns, whether from the sun or hot stoves.

The rose is considered the queen of flowers in the fight against wrinkles.

Mint has blood circulation and refreshing effects.

Cornflower is associated with eye care and the water from this plant is mainly used for poultices for tired eyes.

Jasmine smells wonderfully sweet and is very versatile, as it is suitable for all skin types.

Tea tree is a champion in cleaning the skin, it is used for irritation, acne, skin infections and fungal infections. It is also popularly used for oral hygiene.

Orange regenerates the skin, restores the shine and freshness of the skin, soothes and refreshes. It is suitable for normal, dry, sensitive and mature skin. It is also popularly used on the delicate skin of babies. It smells wonderful and can also be used as a laundry spray.

Verbena improves the appearance of the skin and strengthens tissues, which is why it is suitable for anti-cellulite products. It softens and soothes the skin and is also suitable for sensitive skin., it is ideal for sensitive skin. Due to its unobtrusive citrus scent, it is also popular in aromatic baths and for refreshment and stimulation in case of lack of energy, fatigue or phlegm.

How to use it?

If we keep the herbal water in the cold, it will pleasantly refresh us, which we will especially appreciate in the morning or on hot summer days.

If we pour it into a spray bottle, we can carry it all day in our purse and have it ready for practical use at any time.

However, we can also apply it to a cotton swab or a tissue and use it, for example, to clean the skin after using lotion.

It can also be used in baby care, where irritated intimate parts can be treated with flower water. After subsequent drying or drying, we lubricate the area again with cream to better protect the skin from stretch marks.

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