Vitamin strengthening balm for the skin - face mask, cleansing balm and peeling in one

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Vitamin strengthening balm for the skin - face mask, cleansing balm and peeling in one
Instructions for making an incredibly pleasant clay balm full of vitamin C, which serves as several products at the same time - a cleansing balm, a gentle facial peeling or a brightening vitamin skin mask.More information
Ingredients for this recipe22g of grape oil20g of fragrance carrier14.9g of Polysorbate 8016g of cetyl alcohol14g of white clay6g of lithothamnium5g of arrowroot powder2g of vanilla macerate0.1g of Cosgard preservative
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Cleansing balms with clay are big favorites with you and us. They clean the skin excellently without drying it, make the skin velvety soft and can usually be used in several ways. However, this balm is a little different from the previous balms. It differs from them in composition, and thus also in texture and behavior on the skin. And believe us, it's literally a balm for the skin and the soul. :)

When mixing the balm, we use a raw material that you won't find in many past eco-friendly recipes. Lately, however, we've been enjoying experimenting with it a lot - it's isopropyl myristate , which you can find on Ekokoza under the name "fragrance carrier". This fabric is cheap, but very versatile and pleasant to work with and to use. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to lighten all products. Isopropyl myristate is soft on its own, similar to oils, but at the same time it is as light as a veil on the skin. The skin is enchanted by absolutely delicate sensations. So that oily and powdery ingredients can be pleasantly washed off the skin without unpleasant scrubbing of the skin or the sink :) we use the solubilizer Polysorbate 80, which can combine oils and water. In addition, Polysorbate creates a wonderful silky "milky" texture after the balm is mixed with water (oils and water are partially emulsified thanks to Polysorbate). Cetyl alcohol thickens the foundation perfectly, without weight, which also gives the balm a beautiful "slip" on the skin.

The base also includes vitamin-packed cold-pressed grape oil suitable for all skin types. Grape oil helps skin regeneration, brightens and revitalizes the skin and contains a high amount of vitamin E and C and beta-carotene. For a delicate scent and at the same time help against the formation of acne and eczema, we add divine vanilla macerate in the finale.

And now for the powdery joys. Fine white clay will provide a pleasant cleansing of the skin, rosehip powder packed with vitamin C will literally light up and revive the skin, and lithothamnium seaweed will take care of remineralization with its high calcium content. Don't be afraid to play and win with a type of powdered herb, if you want to calm down rather than brighten, try lotus or Damask rose powder.

We have the ingredients, now all you have to do is dissolve them, stir them, cool them, pour them over and enjoy! Ok lets go. :)

What does it take?

- 22 grams of grape oil

- 20 grams of fragrance carrier (isopropyl myristate)

- 14.9 grams of Polysorbate 80

- 16 grams of cetyl alcohol

- 14 grams of white clay (kaolin)

- 6 grams of lithothamnium

- 5 grams of arrowroot powder

- 2 grams of vanilla macerate

- 0.1 gram of Cosgard preservative

How to do it?

Prepare a water bath.

Weigh out the oil, fragrance carrier, Polysorbate 80, cetyl alcohol and all loose ingredients, i.e. rose hip powder, lithotaminum and white clay, into a smaller heat-resistant container. Place the container in a water bath and let it dissolve on low heat for about 20 minutes.

In the meantime, prepare an ice bath in another, large, bowl - cover several ice cubes with cold water.

When everything is liquid, remove the container from the warm water bath and mix its contents well. Only then transfer the mixture in the container to the ice bath. Stir the cooling mixture continuously and don't forget to "scrape" the faster-setting mixture from the sides with a spatula. Stir and let cool until a "trace" appears. This means that the mixture will be so stiff that when you scoop up a small amount and drip it into the rest of the mixture, there will be a slight "mark" on the surface of the mixture. The mixture will be dull, not shiny and pleasantly stiff, like a pudding before it cools. At this moment, it's time to transfer the product to the packaging - we recommend this elegant black puck, in which then leave the mixture to cool completely for an hour or two.

How to use it?

The balm can be used on wet skin as a cleansing balm, which you rinse off with water after gentle massaging. You will achieve a greater peeling effect if you apply it to dry skin and massage it with a damp cloth and wipe it off your face. It is also very pleasant to use it as a vitamin strengthening face mask, when you apply a larger layer of balm to dry skin, leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse it off with water or wipe it off with a damp cloth.

of fragrance carrier

Raw materials
22g of grape oil
20g of fragrance carrier
14.9g of Polysorbate 80
16g of cetyl alcohol
14g of white clay
6g of lithothamnium
5g of arrowroot powder
2g of vanilla macerate
0.1g of Cosgard preservative
Cosgard, 10 ml

Cosgard, 10 ml

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