Vegetable oils for the summer months - skin and hair care

Vegetable oils for the summer months - skin and hair care
What carrier oils to buy for the summer months? This is an eco-friendly selection of five great vegetable oils to use on your face, body and hair on hot days!More information
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Summer is approaching, warm days, dry air, swimming, sunbathing and lots of other fun activities that, unfortunately, often have a slightly bad effect on the condition of our skin and hair. That's why we have a selection of five wonderful oils for you, which will be suitable for body, face and mane care.

Argan oil

Argan oil is a light vegetable oil derived from the fruits of the argan tree, which grows mainly in Morocco. It contains a high amount of vitamin E and beneficial fatty acids. Thanks to them, they can provide skin and hair with protection against the effects of the weather. At the same time, it has a regenerating, stimulating effect and makes the tissues more flexible, softer and hydrated.

Why buy it?

Argan oil is really ultra-light, so it is suitable for hair care that nourishes, but does not weigh it down or make it greasy. It adds shine to the mane, removes frizz typical for summer, prevents breakage and moisturizes not only the hair but also the scalp. It can be used alone on wet or dry hair or as a supplement to the conditioner directly when washing the hair. It can also be applied to the skin separately as part of daily skin care, it can be used topically on dry and dehydrated skin several times a day, or it can be used to create creams, masks or added to an oil serum.

The only "disadvantage" of argan oil is its characteristic odor, which is somewhat unpleasant for some. That is why at Ekokoze you will also find deodorized argan oil, i.e. argan oil without fragrance, which retains all the abilities and effects of classic argan oil. Also try argan butter, which is perfect for making body butter or soaps! Aloe vera gel with argan oil will also be perfect for summer, no more unfortunate irritated skin!

Grape oil

The non-greasy, light, dark green and aromatic grape seed oil absorbs extremely quickly into the skin, leaving it brightened and revitalized, and it does the same for the hair. It is very popular in aromatherapy because it blends essential oils beautifully, and, perhaps a little unexpectedly, it is also gaining popularity in the kitchen because our Czech eco-goat oil is edible and very tasty in summer vegetable salads!

Why buy it?

It is a much lighter and skin-friendly alternative to olive or coconut oil, which are extremely greasy oils that can stain clothes and furniture. So, when you are thinking about whether to buy a classic coconut or olive oil for your skin and hair in the summer, choose grape oil. :)))) The advantage of grape oil is certainly its attractive price and its Czech origin. It acts as a softening conditioner in the hair without making the mane look greasy and dirty. It is also suitable for use during massages, not only in summer! And it is good for normal skin, but also for problematic skin, which it soothes.

Cranberry oil

Cold pressed cranberry oil is packed with vitamin E, antioxidants and omega fatty acids. This makes it a great anti-aging helper – it's great for mature skin, but not just for it. With regular use, it prevents the appearance of acne and other inflammatory diseases and contributes to the overall health of the skin. It is also great for brittle and dry hair, leaving it more flexible and shiny, but it is absolutely perfect when used on dry scalp. So if you suffer from an unpleasant itchy head, try cranberry!

Why buy it?

On cranberry oil, we incredibly enjoy the feeling on the skin, the so-called "finish", after application. The skin is immediately velvety, nourished, juicy. It does not leave a mask feeling and is absorbed very quickly. Cranberry oil is also great for lip products, either on its own, in balms or in peels.

Cranberry and grapeseed oil are the stars of one of the very popular eco-friendly recipes for summer dry oil, take a look.

Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil has long been one of our most popular oils, so it cannot be missing in the summer selection either. You can find the full article about him here.

Rosehip oil is a so-called dry oil, which means that it absorbs into the skin without you even noticing how. It is packed with vitamins and a whole range of fatty acids. It perfectly softens and treats dry, aging and problematic skin and is also luxurious in hair care, which restores and removes signs of damage. Adds flexibility to hair and skin and protects from the sun.

Why buy it?

This is one of the driest oils, which is suitable for individual use on skin, hair and for the production of more complicated products. It is very pleasant and soothing even for very sensitive skin and has a protective effect.

A small minus of rosehip oil is its naturally orange color, which is also reflected on the skin and hair. But you just have to take it into account and use it in the evening before going to bed or incorporate it into serums or creams and thus reduce the intensity of the color!

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