Valentine's Day Aphrodisiac Massage Candles

30 min
Valentine's Day Aphrodisiac Massage Candles
Create a romantic atmosphere at home and use our instructions to make massage candles with aphrodisiacal effects.More information
Ingredients for this recipeSoy waxShea butterCoconut oilAlmond oilEssential oil of Ylang-ylangEssential oil of PatchouliEssential oil of VanillaA wickCandle containers
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What will you need?

- Shea butter

- Coconut oil (missing from the photo because I didn't use it)

- Almond oil

- Essential oil of ylang-ylang, patchouli, vanilla

- A wick

- Plates for holding the wick 

- Candle containers 


What is the procedure?

First, you need to prepare the wick. Heat up some soy wax in a water bath, let it melt and carefully roll the cut pieces of wick in it. Remove with tweezers and let the wax in the fibers harden on a flat surface (baking paper would be ideal, I waxed on some random contract just to be sure, so I have an ultra-cropped photo of the drying wicks).
After it hardens, it's time for the plates; pull the entire wick through the hole, and when one end is trapped, drop a little heated wax on the bottom of the container and place the plate on top of the wax; dries very fast. If you have a taller container and a longer wick, fix it with two skewers, for example.
And we go to the bath again, this time with candle material. This time we will dissolve wax, shea butter, coconut oil and almond oil in a ratio of 4:2:1:1. Unfortunately, in the sheer joy of mixing, I forgot to take photos of the addition of the individual ingredients, so here is at least a photo of Bruce eating a pear. Fair enough.
Add essential oils to the dissolved mixture. The selected EOs are said to have aphrodisiac effects, and if nothing else, the combination is fantastic. I used ylang-ylang and vanilla the most, patchouli only gently complemented them, and the smell is really... Valentine's. Yum.
If you feel like going crazy, you can add dye (pink, whaat, whaat?), or glittery balls, seal the piddary... there are no limits to your imagination.
Finally, all you have to do is pour it into the cups with the prepared wicks and let it harden!
I mean, did I say finally? Of course, this is just the beginning! Strike a match and enjoy the romance seasoned with candles, from which let the mixture drip onto your skin - it doesn't burn, just gently warms (it is necessary to use really soy wax, which has a lower melting point - with beeswax it wouldn't be such a fart, or rather it would be - a fart ending a light burn), and after massaging the skin will be perfectly soft and nourished thanks to the butter and oils.
And if you're currently forever alone, just light a candle for nothing - the smell and the fact that you're not breathing in any artificials are worth it.
Create a romantic atmosphere at home and use our instructions to make massage candles with aphrodisiacal effects.
Raw materials
Soy wax
Soy wax, flakes, 500 g

Soy wax, flakes, 500 g

7,62 EUR
Coconut oil
Almond oil
Essential oil of Ylang-ylang
Essential oil of Patchouli
Patchouli, 10 ml

Patchouli, 10 ml

4,15 EUR
Essential oil of Vanilla
Vanilla, 10 ml

Vanilla, 10 ml

3,15 EUR
Candle containers
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