Summer body oil with shimmer and a fresh scent - without the greasy feeling

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Summer body oil with shimmer and a fresh scent - without the greasy feeling
A body oil boasting a lot of wonderful abilities. Firstly: although it is silky and nourishing, it is light and leaves a pleasant "dry" feeling on the skin. Secondly: it gives the skin a subtle sparkle and a delicate shimmer without staining clothes. Third: it's incredibly easy to make. Fourth: it smells wonderful and irresistible.More information
Ingredients for this recipe30g of caprylis5g of wheat germ oil5g of cranberry oil5g of grape oil4g of carrot oil0.3g of lemon essential oil0.2g of caribbean fragrance oilA pinch of Gold Sparks gold mica powderA pinch of Toffeelicious metallic brown mica powder
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It's like a summer cocktail for your skin and will be a soft brightening delight on hot sunny days.

We make a simple, yet luxurious, nutritious and very easily absorbed oil on the fly. Just weigh, pour and pour, mix. And it is done. No emulsifying or heating. Which is also great for preserving all the valuable and effective ingredients of the cold-pressed oils that we will use.

What do we put in there?

The star ingredient that provides the "dry finish" is caprylis. Caprylis refers to triglycerides of caprylic and capric acids obtained from glycerin and vegetable oil. It is therefore a substance of natural origin permitted for use in certified natural cosmetics. And it's a great thing! It not only softens, softens, smoothes, protects and moisturizes the skin without feeling greasy, but also because of its high stability, Caprilis prevents oils from rancidity, so it significantly extends the shelf life of the product. It does not irritate the skin and can be used even on very sensitive skin, which leaves it silky, hydrated and generally treated. If greasy oils or heavy butters bother you in the summer, definitely get a bottle of Caprilis. You will not regret!

Cold-pressed wheat germ oil provides a good dose of vitamins, especially those from the B group, as well as vitamins E, K, D, minerals, acids and, last but not least, coenzyme Q10 . Wheat germ oil is one of the so-called dry oils – it is absorbed into the skin very quickly. It hydrates, regenerates, smoothes, increases elasticity and acts as a protective barrier. It's great for dry, sensitive or mature skin and perfect for summer.

Brightening and revitalizing sagging skin, virgin grapevine oil, which with its dark green color can be deceiving and appear heavy, is light and will provide even more regeneration, nourishment and especially softening – because it is a champion in this. It is good for normal skin as well as problem skin. Since the grape oil is cold pressed, it retains a subtle aroma that slightly affects the smell of the entire final product - it is definitely not disturbing to us, but we warn you about it right away! :)

Cold pressed cranberry oil is packed with vitamin E, antioxidants and omega fatty acids. This makes it a great anti-aging helper – it's great for mature skin, but not just for it. With regular use, it prevents the appearance of acne and other inflammatory diseases and contributes to the overall health of the skin.

The oil without which we cannot imagine summer. Carrot oil, full of carotenoids, prolongs the duration of the tan and at the same time gently darkens the skin tone. It has a beneficial effect on tired, irritated or damaged skin. It supports the youthful appearance of the skin and contributes to its elasticity.

That's what it smells like!

The scent of the oil will instantly transport you to the beach or a garden party - the fresh summer oil smells like a freshly mixed cocktail. It mixes the sweet citrus bright and warm scent of honeydew with the exotic scent of melons, mangoes and juicy strawberries. A combination that may seem strange when you read it, but when you smell it, it is balanced and very pleasant - try it yourself!

To make it sparkle

Gold and brown mica powder provides a delicate and captivating shimmer that certainly does not look cheap. If you don't want to sparkle, skip the mica, but we recommend mixing it into the oil - it will raise it to a higher level and the skin will literally glow thanks to it. The amount is easy to adjust, with our ratios you can achieve a subtle shine that is beautifully noticeable in the sun, but not provocative or distracting. But don't be afraid to add or subtract until you are satisfied with the resulting shine.

The mica powder in the oil will sink to the bottom after a few minutes - this is a classic phenomenon that is not a defect. Just shake the bottle very gently before use and the mica will dance in the oil and disperse very easily throughout the entire volume of the product.

What does it take?

For approx. 50 ml of oil

- 30 grams of caprylis

- 5 grams of wheat germ oil

- 5 grams of cranberry oil

- 5 grams of grape oil

- 4 grams of carrot oil

- 0.3 grams of lemon essential oil (dilution)

- 0.2 grams caribbean fragrance oil

- A pinch of Gold Sparks gold mica powder

- A pinch of Toffeelicious metallic brown mica powder

How to do it?

Mix all the ingredients in the selected bench. Voila! It's done.

What to put it in?

A bottle with a pump is a great solution - for example, this beautiful 50 ml bottle, which is just enough for one dose.

PS: We recommend mixing more than one batch at a time - you won't regret it. :)

Raw materials
5g of wheat germ oil
5g of cranberry oil
5g of grape oil
4g of carrot oil
Carrot oil, 50 ml

Carrot oil, 50 ml

10,53 EUR
0.3g of lemon essential oil
0.2g of caribbean fragrance oil
A pinch of Gold Sparks gold mica powder
A pinch of Toffeelicious metallic brown mica powder
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