Strengthening solid shampoo against hair loss and soothing the skin - how to make?

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Strengthening solid shampoo against hair loss and soothing the skin - how to make?
A fun-making solid shampoo with Ayurvedic manjistha powder to help fight hair loss, strengthening wheat protein, vitamin-packed rice oil, and hydrating glycerin and aloe vera.More information
Ingredients for this recipe250g of solid shampoo material1 tablespoon of manjistha powder2 teaspoons of rice oil1 teaspoon of hydrolyzed wheat protein2-3 teaspoons of dried calendula10-20 drops essential oilSilicone molds
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Solid shampoos have a lot of advantages compared to classic shampoos – they don't spill, they don't leave packaging behind, they take up minimal space in your suitcase and they really only cost a few crowns. In addition, we can customize them according to our wishes and win with what we add to them during production - what herbs, colors, scents, oils and much more.

Together today we will make an impeccable strengthening shampoo that will do well for sensitive skin prone to dandruff. In particular, Ayurvedic manjistha powder will help with this, which not only soothes the scalp, but also leaves the hair shiny and helps its healthy growth. In addition, Manjistha slightly tones the hair and supports its natural color. As one of the few natural herbal powders, it does not leave a rusty orange shade in the hair, but rather neutralizes and brightens the hair color (which is great for blondes, who usually struggle with the orange tint of their hair - thanks to its violet pigments, manjistha tends to tone down the yellow shades of the hair).

Another important ingredient is hydrolyzed wheat protein, which you may also know under the name phytokeratin. Wheat protein can give the mane volume and at the same time the necessary hydration. Thanks to this, the hair is not weak and fragile, but on the contrary, it is naturally shiny, less prone to breakage and breakage.

Rice oil, or oil from rice bran, is extremely emollient and, thanks to its high content of antioxidants and vitamins, acts as a protection against heat, sun and other environmental influences on the hair and scalp. It does not burden the hair, on the contrary, it makes it stronger and supports its growth.

Okay, so how do we turn the above into a solid shampoo? :) Thanks to the wonderful vegetable base for a solid shampoo without SLS, which nevertheless smells rich, and thanks to a good dose of glycerin and aloe vera extract, it moisturizes the hair wonderfully and makes combing easier.

From the kilo of base you will find in the package, you will make quite a lot of shampoos, about eight to twelve, depending on which mold you choose. So win with the ingredients and try several variants of your solid shampoos. You can try adding herbs, like we did, and win with the aromas.

Now let's make the booster with manjistha!

Strengthening solid shampoo with manjistha, phytokeratin and rice oil

For approx. 4-5 pieces (depending on the chosen form)

What does it take?

- 250 grams of material for the production of solid shampoo

- 1 tablespoon of manjistha powder

- 2 teaspoons of rice oil

- 1 teaspoon of hydrolyzed wheat protein

- 2 to 3 teaspoons of dried calendula

- 10-20 drops of fragrance or essential oil (rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil or laurel essential oil are excellent for hair)

- Silicone molds

How to do it?

Prepare a water bath. Cut the base material into small cubes, put them in a container (ideally stainless steel or thick glass - it retains heat well) and let it dissolve in a water bath. When the mass is almost dissolved, mix in the manjistha powder, wheat protein, rice oil and calendula. Mix well and wait until the mass dissolves completely. Nevertheless, do not heat the mixture for too long, after overheating it will start to change its properties and will harden too quickly. Prepare the silicone molds.

When everything is liquid, remove from the heat, quickly mix in fragrances or essential oils, and pour straight into the prepared molds. Let cool and harden and that's it!

How to use it?

Comb your hair in the classic way and wet it with warm water. Take a solid shampoo in your hand and massage it into your hair until enough foam is created. Continue as with regular shampoo. After rinsing, don't forget to use a natural conditioner, or even better, a vinegar rinse.

Raw materials
250g of solid shampoo material
1 tablespoon of manjistha powder
2 teaspoons of rice oil
1 teaspoon of hydrolyzed wheat protein
2-3 teaspoons of dried calendula
10-20 drops essential oil
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