Spring vegan lip balm with chamomile and citrus scent - how to make?

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Spring vegan lip balm with chamomile and citrus scent - how to make?
Instructions for making a pleasantly light, yet long-lasting, fresh vegan lip balm with healing chamomile and a citrus scent. The completely plant-based composition and quick production are perfect for spring and summer days.More information
Ingredients for this recipe6g of babassu oil6g of almond oil5g of almond butter4g of carnauba wax3g of rosehip oil0.1g of vitamin EAbout 10 drops of bisabololAbout 2 drops of Litsea Cubeba
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Spring is here! The sun is peeking out, the wind is blowing hard at times, it's beautifully warm during the day, and still cold in the morning and evening. If your lips also react to the various weather by drying and cracking, come and make a simple vegan lip balm with us, which "sticks" to the skin of the lips and patiently stays on it for several hours, thus keeping the lips happily hydrated and nourished.

Scented with fresh citrus essential litsea cubeba, it leaves the lips with a delicately radiant shine and softness. Chamomile in the form of soothing bisabolol smells just a little bit, but its healing and caring effects are huge. Spring colors not only decorate the packaging, but thanks to rosehip oil, the balm is also slightly orange.

Because our eco-goat hearts longed to make a completely plant-based balm, instead of the classic beeswax, which is absolutely wonderful in most balms but is not vegan, we reached for carnauba wax. Carnauba wax is a brittle, shiny raw material obtained from the surface of the leaves of the Copernica prunifera palm tree, which grows in Brazil. And thanks to its lightness and shine, it is used not only in cosmetics, but also in the production of confectionery or wood polish.

In the base of the balm, you will find an interplay of fats - babassu oil, which has properties very similar to coconut oil and you can therefore replace it with it as you like, almond butter, almond and rosehip oil for the orange color. You can also replace these fats, as you will find at the end of the instructions. But the mentioned combination is really well-tuned for a light, yet nourishing balm for warmer spring and summer days. We recommend trying it!

What does it take?

For the production of approx. 6 to 7 balms in colored extendable balm tubes

- 6 grams of babassu oil

- 6 grams of almond oil

- 5 grams of almond butter

- 4 grams of carnauba wax

- 3 grams of rosehip oil

- 0.1 gram of vitamin E

- About 10 drops of bisabolol

- About 2 drops of Litsea Cubeba essential oil (a very small amount is enough)

How to do it?

Prepare a water bath. Weigh the butters, oils and carnauba wax into a heat-resistant container and heat in a water bath. Be aware that carnauba wax needs much more time to dissolve than, for example, beeswax.

When everything is liquid, remove the container with the mixture from the water bath and mix in the vitamin E, bisabolol and essential oil.

After mixing, pour the mixture into the prepared containers and leave to cool and harden. And it is done!

I want to make this but I don't have all the ingredients!

You can replace babassu oil with coconut oil.

Carnauba wax replaces candelilla wax.

You can use shea butter or mango butter instead of almond butter.

Rosehip oil replaces sea buckthorn or karanja oil. It can be omitted and its amount replaced with almond oil if you do not want an orange balm.

You can replace the almond oil with any other light oil.

Raw materials
6g of babassu oil
6g of almond oil
5g of almond butter
4g of carnauba wax
3g of rosehip oil
0.1g of vitamin E
About 10 drops of bisabolol
Bisabolol, 10 ml

Bisabolol, 10 ml

7,93 EUR
About 2 drops of Litsea Cubeba
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