Spring candles in eggshells - how to make an Easter candle

30 min
Spring candles in eggshells - how to make an Easter candle
Come and make simple beautiful candles in shells with us, which are a great Easter decoration or as a beautiful spring table decoration. You will certainly use them for gifting your loved ones, and they look great among the flowers on terraces and balconies.More information
Ingredients for this recipeSoy waxWicks with platesVanilla fragranceYellow candle color
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Eggshell candles are one of those great products that are ready in 10 minutes, but still look very classy. Whether you place them in a plate on a set table, add them to an Easter gift, slide them into a flower pot or perhaps place them in a jar and hang them in the space.

The white ones made of undyed wax look elegant and clean, but you can create cheerful and playful ones with the help of colors. They will also be great with colored shells or with a little glittering mica powder, which you can apply with a brush on hardened wax.

All you need is a few ingredients, of course eggshells, soy (or other favorite) wax, wicks with shards. And that's really all. :) If you want, add a scent, perhaps one of our recommended combinations or your own, and color the wax with candle color.

Beautiful spring scent combinations are, for example, these:

- Bergamot + lavender + lemon

- Geranium + grapefruit + lime

- Mandarin + cedar + patchouli

- Citrus burst + ylang ylang

- Lime + orange + geranium

- Bergamot + grapefruit + ylang ylang + jasmine

What does it take?

- Dry cleaned eggshells

- Soy wax (or other favorite)

- Wicks with plates

- Essential oils and fragrances

- Candle colors

- Pegs, matches or skewers

- Plate for eggs

How to do it?

We purposely don't give ratios in this tutorial - it depends on how many candles you'll be making and how big your eggshells are. But there is nothing to be afraid of, you will definitely guess everything well, and if not, make wax for an aroma lamp or another candle from the remaining wax.

First prepare the shells. Knock or blow out the eggs, carefully wash the shells and let them dry well. Then slide the prepared shells into the plate, which will serve as a candle stand during (and possibly after) production.

Let the wax melt in the water bath and prepare the wicks with the wicks. These need to be attached to the bottom of the shell - drop a small amount of melted wax on the bottom of the candle, insert the plate with the wick into the wax and let it harden. Use the time in between to adjust the remaining wax - drip fragrance (up to 10 times the weight of the wax) into it and mix well, but don't beat ( why? ), or fine-tune with color.

When the drop of wax with the wicks in the shells hardens, add wax to the shells. The wick now needs to be secured in the center of the candle. The peg with which you hold the wick and place it on the plateau will take care of this. Two sticks or matches work just as well to fix the wick in the right place.

Leave the candles in their shells to rest quietly for several hours so that the wax has time to harden.

When the wax is hard and cold, remove the pegs or other props used from the wicks, and trim them to about one-half to three-quarters of an inch in length. And it is done!


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Raw materials
Soy wax
Soy wax, flakes, 500 g

Soy wax, flakes, 500 g

7,62 EUR
Vanilla fragrance
Vanilla, 50 ml

Vanilla, 50 ml

10,07 EUR
Yellow candle color
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