Spiced hazelnut whipped body butter with a (sub)winter scent - how to make it?

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Spiced hazelnut whipped body butter with a (sub)winter scent - how to make it?
How to make a charming (sub)winter whipped body butter mixed with nut oils and butters, scented with harmonically warming spices and fine-tuned with golden caramel mica powder for a touch of glitter, and even more brightening of skin softened by oils and butters?More information
Ingredients for this recipe30g of hazelnut oil21.6g of nut butter21.6g of almond butter14.4g of macadamia butter0.9g of mica powder Tofeelicious0.9g of mica powder Gold0.5g of vitamin E0.02g of Star anise0.03g of lime0.02g of Warm spice0.02g of benzoinPackaging
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The stars of the whipped butter are, in homage to autumn and winter, silky fats from various types of nuts, which create a perfect interplay. We use light and fast-absorbing hazelnut oil, silky sweet almond butter, decadent walnut butter and velvety macadamia butter. Ready-made butter will please everyone who enjoys autumn, loves Advent and looks forward to Christmas. And maybe also gift giving - beautifully whipped Lehoulina scented butter will also serve excellently as a wonderful Christmas gift. :)

Nutty delight

Mix the whipped butter from a mixture of three soft butters – walnut, almond and macadamia (shea butter is hidden in all of them! :) – and liquid hazelnut oil. We chose the butters not only for the nutty theme, but especially for their various beneficial properties and abilities, which combine beautifully on the skin.

Almond butter is richly creamy, soft and incredibly nourishing. It will also please extremely dry, damaged or stressed skin... and because of its softness and effectiveness, even the skin of babies!

Macadamia butter is silky, more liquid (it melts completely in the heat) and therefore very easy to spread on the skin - as soon as it meets the moist skin, it melts like creamy ice cream.

Walnut butter is dense, with a texture reminiscent of natural shea butter, moisturizing and protective. It can heal even very dry places on the body, such as elbows or heels, and is also suitable for irritated or inflamed skin.

Hazelnut oil is one of our very popular so-called dry oils. It is absorbed into the skin very quickly and at the same time leaves it smooth, hydrated and treated. It is excellently complemented with denser and fattier butters and lightens the entire product.

Magic happens

The whole magic of whipped body butters is in the correct balancing of the ratio between liquid oils and soft butters. The mixture must be soft enough and whippable, but at the same time stiff enough so that it will last and not melt when it rests and waits for use on the shelf. From this it can be concluded that the temperature of the environment plays a huge role in mixing and coming up with the composition. If you lived in a tropical environment, you would definitely have to tweak the whole formulation to make it firmer and the butter wouldn't melt. But if you create somewhere in our meadows and groves or in places with a similar climate, with these carefully tuned conditions you will conjure up a decadent whipped beauty. :)

To the ice bath!

Most whipped butters are made by melting the fats in a water bath, mixing them and letting them cool and "harden" in the fridge. Then the solid mixture is beaten with a whisk. The result is a richly fluffy mass after a short time of whipping. This method works great, fast and efficient… as long as you don't whip more than about 50 grams. So if you are whipping a smaller amount of fat, choose the freezing method with peace of mind.

However, if you are making a larger quantity (such as in this recipe), we recommend whipping in an ice water bath, which ensures that the mixture does not heat up before the entire batch is thoroughly whipped. If you are whipping larger amounts of fat, obviously the process will take longer and the beater will have to generate more energy (=heat) – both of which will cause the fat to heat up and spread, which we don't want. But whisking in a water bath keeps everything wonderfully cold in a very simple way, and thus just the way we need it.

The scent of autumn, advent, Christmas

The perfect blend of star anise essential oil, lime and a drop of Warm Spice cosmetic fragrance conjure up a warming scent. We won't lie to you, this combination came about more by chance than by careful thought, but it doesn't detract from its delicacy at all, quite the opposite. The result is a fresh, yet warm spicy fragrance in which you will find all (or at least most) of the typical aromas of autumn and Christmas - the sparkle of citrus, the warm caress of cinnamon and cardamom, the memory of baking gingerbread and hot ginger tea. In order for the fragrances to last a long time in the butter and applied to the skin, we added a drop of Benzo to the formulation, which not only smells like vanilla, but mainly helps to fix the aroma. Delicacy.

The finished whipped body butter is a fluffy, richly nourishing treat for the skin, perfect for autumn, Advent and Christmas days. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

What does it take?

We heat up

- 30 grams of hazelnut oil

- 21.6 grams of nut butter

- 21.6 grams of almond butter

- 14.4 grams of macadamia butter

- 1.8 grams of mica powder - our butter hides the shade Tofeelicious and Gold (but it's up to you which shade you choose)

Whisk while cooling

- 0.5 grams of vitamin E

- 0.1 gram of essential oils and fragrances – we chose Star anise, Lime, Warm spice and Benzoin Resin (approx. 0.02 gram star anise; 0.03 gram lime; 0.02 gram Warm spice; 0.02 gram benzoin)

- Packaging, for example 100 ml black puck

How to do it?

Prepare a water bath - pour about 3 cm of water into the saucepan and let it heat on the stove on a low to medium level.

Weigh everything from the hot phase = oil, all butters and mica powder into a heatproof container. Then place the container in a water bath and wait for everything to dissolve.

As soon as the mixture is liquid, remove the container from the water bath, dry and let it cool - in the refrigerator or outside the window in winter.

When the mixture is cold and solid, prepare an ice bath by placing a few ice cubes in a large bowl and covering them with cold water. Dare vitamin E and fragrance too.

Place the container with the solid fat mixture in the ice bath and start whipping with a whisk. Gradually beat in the prepared vitamin E and fragrance and continue beating until the mixture is fluffy. Be careful not to get any water from the ice bath into the mixture. You will whip for about 5 minutes, if you are making more than the specified amount, a few minutes longer. Do not rush the process :) Use a spatula to scrape off the faster-setting mixture near the walls of the container.

When you have reached the desired butter shape, remove the container from the ice bath and leave the mixture in it to harden at room temperature for at least an hour or two.

Then all you have to do is transfer the whipped butter into the selected container - we recommend one with a wide neck. A container with a volume of 100 ml or slightly larger will be ideal for the stated amount. The butter looks wonderful, for example, in a 100ml black plastic package in the shape of a puck - take a look for yourself. :)

How to use it?

Simply rub the butter into the skin of your entire body and enjoy!

Raw materials
30g of hazelnut oil
21.6g of nut butter
21.6g of almond butter
14.4g of macadamia butter
0.9g of mica powder Tofeelicious
0.9g of mica powder Gold
0.5g of vitamin E
0.02g of Star anise
0.03g of lime
0.02g of Warm spice
0.02g of benzoin
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