Sparkling bath bombs against spring fatigue and muscle pain

Sparkling bath bombs against spring fatigue and muscle pain
That you only use sparkling wine in winter and only make it for Christmas? That's a shame! Homemade bath bombs with arnica and Epsom and Rocha salts will do you good even in the warmer months, they will also help with muscle pain and give you freshness and energy. Don't you believe? Try it out! More information
Ingredients for this recipe820g of baking soda90g of Epsom salt36g of Roch salt20g of Polysorbate 8015g of arnica macerate in sunflower oil15g of safflower oil3g Citrus Burst Fragrance Oil3.5g Clementine Pop Mica Powdersand Fantasia PinkPerfume BaseSpray BottleFizzy Drink Mold
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Spring fatigue, bad mood caused by huge weather fluctuations and muscle pain caused by resuming sports activities after winter rest are best left to dissolve. Literally. Load yourself into the bath or fill your lavatory, and let the bath bomb that we mixed just for these purposes fizz in the water.

We intentionally added Epsom salt to the classic fizzy mixture, which consists of baking soda and citric acid. Bitter Epsom salt is a popular natural helper full of magnesium and other substances, the combination of which, according to experts and laymen, can significantly help with fatigue, pain or stress. Bitter salts are traditionally used to treat strained muscles and for relaxation. In addition, it is stated that a bath in Epsom salt can also be a way to supplement the body with the necessary magnesium.

Add Rocha salt to the sparkling wine. The unique mixture hides elements of mineral salts, softens the water and helps to relax and calm the body. In addition, thanks to the contained extract of spruce needles, it smells beautiful.

Arnica is an inconspicuous, but very powerful herb. It is mainly used for the treatment of sore muscles and joints, to promote regeneration or as a means of accelerating wound healing. But arnica can also reduce skin irritation and relieve symptoms of allergies and rashes. It is therefore perfect for spring sparkling wine, but arnica macerate is certainly useful to have at home not only in spring and not only in the form of bath bombs.

So that fizzy drinks have a refreshing effect on our minds as well, we chose the wonderful citrus scent Citrus Burst. It is a juicy and full fragrance in which you will find not only lemon and orange, but also bergamot and other strong fruity notes. In short, the energy of spring in a bottle!

What does it take?

Dry mix 1

- 500 grams of baking soda

- 90 grams of Epsom salt

- 36 grams of Rocha salt

Wet mix

- 20 grams of Polysorbate 80

- 15 grams of arnica macerate in sunflower oil

- 15 grams of safflower oil

- 3 grams of Citrus Burst fragrance oil

Dry mix 2

- 320 grams of citric acid

To decorate

- 3.5 grams of mica powder (we chose the spring shade orange Clementine pop and pink Fantasia Pink)

- Base for making perfume (high percentage alcohol) in a spray bottle

- Selected molds or tongs for sparkling wine

How to do it?

When making sparkling wine, we recommend working with gloves, especially if you are more sensitive, to avoid dry hands. :)

In a bowl, mix the baking soda, Epsom salt and Roch salt well.

Next, mix Polysorbate 80, arnica macerate and fragrance oil in a small bowl. Then work the mixture into a dry mixture with salts.

If, like us, you want to create different patterns in the sparkling water, prepare as many bowls as you want to make the colors of the mixture.

Add the citric acid to the mixture in a large bowl and process well. Then divide the mixture into smaller bowls and add the selected mica powders. Mix well.

Spray each color mixture with rubbing alcohol, just a little. The mixture won't be completely compact, but it should hold its shape when you squeeze it in the palm of your hand. Then start pressing the mixture into the molds as desired.

Place the individual sparkling wines further apart on a tray or tray and let them dry freely.

And it is done!

Raw materials
820g of baking soda
90g of Epsom salt
36g of Roch salt
Rocha salt, 1 kg

Rocha salt, 1 kg

8,43 EUR
20g of Polysorbate 80
15g of arnica macerate in sunflower oil
3g Citrus Burst Fragrance Oil
3.5g Clementine Pop Mica Powders
and Fantasia Pink
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