Soapy cinnamon cakes with fluffy cream - how to make a soap cupcake?

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Soapy cinnamon cakes with fluffy cream - how to make a soap cupcake?
Sinful-looking cakes with whipped cream that are tempting to bite into. But be careful - don't taste it! They are made of soapy matter. They smell great, they look great, and their production? This one is incredibly fun, yet simple!More information
Ingredients for this recipe250g soap mass with shea butter20 drops of fragrance oil Warm spicesHalf a teaspoon of Toffeelicious mica powder Drop of perfume baseSpray bottle¾ cup foaming bath butter1 teaspoon vegetable glycerin1 tablespoon potato starchAbout 15 drops of orange essential oilBioglitter BronzeMica powder with golden shimmerJojoba beads
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Some time ago, customer Darinka wrote to us asking for instructions on sparkling balls that look like cupcakes, those divine cakes with fluffy cream and decorations on top.

Sinful-looking cakes with whipped cream that are tempting to bite into. But be careful - don't taste it! They are made of soapy matter. They smell great, they look great, and their production? This one is incredibly fun, yet simple!

I confess, I had a lot of respect for the assignment. I also adapted the task a little to my own image. Instead of the dough, which was originally supposed to be made of sparkling wine, I used a soap base. Putting "wet" soapy whipped cream on the sparkling wine didn't seem quite ideal to me. Any sparkling wine should come into contact with moisture as little as possible - so that it does not fizz before it meets the water in the bath. In addition, a cake made of soapy matter gives pleasure much longer than sparkling water, which is simply disposable, because you will be soaping with it for several weeks!


If your heart is still yearning for a fudge cake, definitely give them a try! Cream soap cream could get along very well with Winter Forest Silk Effervescence, which thanks to the added SCI will fizz and create the richest velvet, even if baking soda and citric acid, which in classic bath bombs take care of effervescence, start to react before the sparkling water hits the hot bath.

Beginners can do it, and even children with help!

As complicated as these fragrant beauties look, they are unexpectedly simple to make and a lot of fun! We are really happy about it, because you can enjoy the production with children, or let the older ones try it (almost) on their own.

Smell it and just take a bite... or rather not?

Our cakes are scented with cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla and ginger – all these scents and more come together in Warm Spices fragrance oil, our favorite for the winter months. Because I wanted the cakes to look really real :) and tempting to take a bite, I mixed the color of the dough to make it look real - using mica powder with the delicious name Toffeelicious, which, in combination with the milky white soap mass, conjures up a pink baked vanilla sponge cake. The fluffy cream remained creamy white, scented with orange , which goes perfectly with the scent of warm winter spices. It goes without saying that the finished cakes are dusted with cinnamon, that is, degradable bronze bioglitter, which elevates the soapy goodies to perfection. The icing on the cake in this case is not a cherry, but cinnamon bark and a few cloves.

dortiky 8

There are no limits to imagination!

Your cakes can definitely play with more cheerful colors, smell whatever you want, the cream can be blueberry, chocolate or even raspberry, just like the dough. The sprinkles can sparkle or even massage you in the bath – jojoba beads or castor pearls, which look like sugar sprinkles on a dark cake, will be great for this purpose. It is enough to reach for other essential or fragrant oils, try different soaps, add mica powder to the cream or perhaps use herbs, resin or fruit powders. The possibilities and combinations are endless and we are already looking forward to what "flavors" will be baked (or rather cooked) in your kitchens!

dortiky 6

So let's get to it!

Soap cake

We will start by making the base - cakes from soap "dough". The number of cakes made depends on the size of your tins.

dortiky 7

What does it take?

For approximately 6 cakes (in classic muffin tins)

- 250 grams of soap mass with shea butter

- 20 drops of aromatic oil Warm spices

- Half a teaspoon of Toffeelicious mica powder

- A drop of perfume base or high-percentage alcohol

- Silicone molds

- Spray bottle with high percentage alcohol/base for making perfume

How to do it?

Prepare silicone molds and a spray bottle into which you pour some high-percentage alcohol (this is not absolutely necessary, but the alcohol will make the cakes smoother and bubble-free).

Cut the soap mass into cubes and place in a heat-resistant container in a water bath. Allow to dissolve slowly, stirring occasionally. The mass can also be heated in a microwave oven, just put the chopped soap in a suitable container, cover with a lid and on a lower power and let the mass warm up after shorter intervals. The process in the microwave is faster, however, you need to watch the mass carefully so that it does not start to boil.

Meanwhile, pour mica powder into a small bowl and add a little alcohol to it so that you can mix the powder in it to create a "liquid" color. This step is also optional, but it will ensure that the mica colors the soap mixture evenly. If you were to pour the mica powder directly into the mass, it could create " lumps ". In short, it's safer this way. :)

When the soap mass is dissolved, remove it from the bath or microwave, smell it, pour the prepared color into it and stir. Then quickly pour into the molds. After it is poured, spray the surface of the soap with alcohol in a spray bottle. Air bubbles will disappear from the soaps and they will all shrink nicely.

Leave the soap to harden for about an hour (about 20 minutes is enough in winter by the window) and for now we will rush to prepare the cream.

Fluffy soap cream

When making soap cream, we do not stick to weight, but work with spoons and cups. The mug in our presentation is a measuring cup with a volume of about 250 ml.

dortiky 4

What does it take?

- ¾ cups of foam bath butter

- ¼ cup (few cubes) of soap

- 1 teaspoon of vegetable glycerin

- 1 tablespoon of potato starch

- About 15 drops of orange essential oil

- Optional mica powders

- Glitter or jojoba or castor beads for decoration

- Whisk

- A pastry bag with a decorative tip

How to do it?

Have all the tools ready. Mainly a pastry bag with a decorative tip - the cream hardens quite quickly and it would certainly not be worthwhile to look for a bag until after mixing the cream. Also, remove the cooled and hard soaps from the mold and prepare them for action.

dortiky 5

In a bowl where everything will mix well, slide the foam bath butter and glycerin. Start whipping on medium speed. Next, whisk in the fragrances, if you want mica powders, and the starch. Beat like this for about a minute more. The solid mass will turn into fluffy soapy clouds before your eyes.

Dissolve the soapy mass in a water bath or microwave (following the procedure above). If you have a kitchen thermometer, arm yourself with one (but you can do without one).

dortiky 3

Now start yourself on the higher speed and on the lower beater. :) When the soapy mass is about 60 degrees (if you microwaved, simply wait a moment, the mass will probably be hot), slowly but surely start whisking it into the prepared fluffy cream. When all the soap is in the cream, beat on high speed for about two minutes - like whipping cream. If the cream seems too thin and does not hold its " shape ", add starch.

When it is whipped, transfer the cream to a pastry bag and then use it to decorate the prepared soaps in the same way as you would decorate edible cakes.

dortiky 2

Then just fine-tune everything with sparkles, glitter, mica powder or other decorations.

And the job is done!

Let the cakes harden for about two days, especially if you want to pack them in bags or gift boxes. When packing, however, make sure that the cream is never completely hard - simply treat them as you would classic cupcakes.

dortiky 1


If you have any cream left, simply slide it into the jar and enjoy it as a foam bath butter during baths.

We look forward to your creations!

Raw materials
250g soap mass with shea butter
20 drops of fragrance oil Warm spices
Half a teaspoon of Toffeelicious mica powder
Drop of perfume base
¾ cup foaming bath butter
1 teaspoon vegetable glycerin
1 tablespoon potato starch
About 15 drops of orange essential oil
Bioglitter Bronze
Mica powder with golden shimmer
Jojoba beads
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