Simple washing powder for colored and white clothes

30 min
Simple washing powder for colored and white clothes
Making your own homemade washing powder is not difficult! You will see that you will be surprised not only by the low price, but also by the quality of washing and the softness and smell of the laundry.More information
Ingredients for this recipe300g of grated Marseille soap2kg of sodium carbonate1kg of sodium percarbonate50g of TAEDOrange essential oil
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What does it take?

- 300 g of Marseille soap (already grated flakes - it will make the preparation of washing powder much easier)

- 2 kg of sodium carbonate (washing soda)

- 1 kg of sodium percarbonate

- 50 g of TAED

- Essential oil according to personal preference

- Vinegar

- Water

How to prepare washing powder for COLORED LAUNDRY?

Mix soap and carbonate (washing soda), mix thoroughly and store in a suitable container.

How to prepare washing powder for WHITE LAUNDRY?

Mix 1 kg of percarbonate and 50 g of TAED in another well-sealable container.

TAED serves as an activator if you wash at temperatures below 60°C. If you wash above 60°C, you can skip TAED.


COLORED LAUNDRY: 2-3 tablespoons of the mixture for colored laundry, dosed directly into the drum.

WHITE LAUNDRY: 2-3 spoons of mixture for colored laundry + 2 spoons of mixture for white laundry, dispense directly into the drum.

Fabric softener

Mix 2 teaspoons of vinegar with water and fill a fabric softener measuring cup. Add a few drops of essential oil.

ATTENTION: If moisture or water gets into the mixed TAED and percarbonate, the mixture will start to foam and you will have a "cup, boil" at home. :) That is why we personally prefer never to mix a large amount of mixture in advance and choose a really well-sealing container.

Raw materials
300g of grated Marseille soap
2kg of sodium carbonate
1kg of sodium percarbonate
Orange essential oil
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