Simple vegan lip balm - chocolate + nut

Simple vegan lip balm - chocolate + nut
A lip balm made from only five natural ingredients, among which the wonderfully fragrant cocoa butter and golden macadamia oil play a leading role. Done in minutes with clean up and great for beginners!More information
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Simple vegan lip balm - chocolate + nut

A lip balm made from only five natural ingredients, among which the wonderfully fragrant cocoa butter and golden macadamia oil play a leading role. Done in minutes even with cleaning and great for beginners!

A delicacy

Mmmm… wouldn't it be lovely to enjoy hazelnut chocolate all day long without it taking a toll on our figures, health or wallets? If you answered yes to the question, this lip balm is just for you! :)

Literally decadent cocoa butter, the aroma of which will immediately transport you to famous chocolate shops, we have teamed up with caring golden macadamia nut oil to create a balm that will not be difficult to mistake for a sweet treat.

Balm stars

You probably already understood that the main stars of this recipe are cocoa butter and macadamia oil . In addition to the wonderful aroma in the balm, cocoa butter ensures the desired hardness and, at the same time, softness and softness after contact with the skin. As soon as it warms up to body temperature, it starts to melt just enough to get the right amount of product on the lips and to glide the balm gently and undisturbed over the skin. Silky smooth macadamia nut oil is the champion in terms of speed of absorption. It soaks into your lips instantly and takes care of them in depth.

Not even a crack on the lip

In addition to cocoa butter and macadamia oil, we added babassu oil , another champion in absorption speed. Babassu oil is great for cracked, dry skin. So, the raw material for a caring lip balm! Babassu oil behaves very similarly to coconut oil, at temperatures below 20°C it is solid and looks like butter, so if you were thinking that we only have one liquid oil in the photos, you were right! You can easily replace the babassu oil in this recipe with coconut oil or fat, which will provide a similar function.

Completely plant-based

Traditionally, beeswax is added to lip balms for strength, which may not suit some for various reasons. That's why we (and not only) reached for carnauba wax this time. Carnauba wax is the hardest vegetable wax, which creates a soft protective layer on the skin, repels water and also gives the products a wonderful shine!

We left out the aroma on purpose, the one conjured up by the ingredients alone is enough for us. However, if you like stronger perfumes, cosmetic oils for lip balms with the scent of vanilla, chocolate or caramel (toffee), they will surely hit the spot.

Chocolate-macadamia vegan lip balm

What does it take?

(quantity for the production of approx. 5 classic balm tubes)

-            9 grams of macadamia oil

-            7 grams of cocoa butter

-            4 grams of carnauba wax

-            4 grams of babassu oil

-            a drop of vitamin E

How to do it?

It couldn't be easier! Prepare a water bath. Weigh all the ingredients into a heat-resistant container and then put the prepared water bath in it. Let it melt at a moderate temperature (carnauba wax will take a little longer due to its stiffness).

After about 20 to 30 minutes, when everything is dissolved, stir the mixture, if you want to add aromatic substances, add them, and pour the liquid mixture into the selected containers. Whether they are classic balm tubes or our new retractable ones , the balm also looks great in small aluminum or plastic containers.

I want to make this but I don't have all the ingredients!

-            Candelilla wax can be used instead of carnauba wax.

-            You can replace the macadamia oil with another light liquid oil, such as almond , safflower or hazelnut .

-            Babassu oil will be well represented by coconut oil .

-            Choose the scent as you like, just pay attention to the intense smell of cocoa butter.

This product does not need condoms or preservatives, it is pure oil. No water = no microbes. Store balms ideally in a cool and dry place, so they will last at least a year. But as soon as you notice a change in the smell, shove them in the bio waste and win with the production of new, fresh products.

If you have a nut allergy, definitely avoid all nut oils!

Unfortunately, the paper tubes that you see in the photos are not for sale yet - although we have them in stock for some Friday, they did not convince us, unfortunately they often leak or leak grease, as can be seen from some of the pictures :( But we are not giving up the search and hopefully soon we will find a reliable option!

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