Simple fruity Christmas lip balms - plum + cherry + apricot

30 min
Simple fruity Christmas lip balms - plum + cherry + apricot
Make an easy winter lip balm with just six natural ingredients, which will also make a wonderful Christmas gift for young and old. They smell like marzipan and plums, they have a magical color and most importantly, they care for the lips absolutely wonderfully.More information
Ingredients for this recipe6g of plum oil4g of cherry oil3.4g of apricot oil6g of beeswax0.5g of Sangria mica powder1g of fragrant oil PlumBalm packaging
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Christmas in a tube! The smell, the color, the formula and the feeling on the lips, mmmm! To make these wonderful lip balms, you only need six ingredients, a little time and a desire to create. You can also easily adjust the color saturation or the color as such and you can choose whether you want the balms in tubes or cups, the consistency is wonderful in both types of packaging!

The basis of our Christmas balm are three great cold-pressed oils from fruits that are unimaginably part of Christmas - plum, apricot and cherry, which we often enjoy in dried form at Christmas. And we advise you to enjoy them on your lips as well. :) You can also easily replace these oils with other liquid lighter oils, but by replacing them you will lose a significant part of the Christmas theme.

Creamy, rich beeswax gives the balms stiffness and suppleness. If you would like to work with a vegan version of natural wax, try sunflower or laurel wax, they could replace beeswax well. However, we state straight away that we have not tried it and it is possible that you will then have to slightly adjust the proportions in order to achieve the right creaminess and consistency.

Mica powder in the beautiful, deep burgundy and festive color of Sangria is not only reminiscent of cherries and plums, but also perfectly underlines the winter and festive tone of the balm. Mica powder does not stain the lips, so you do not have to worry that your lips will be painted burgundy after application. However, if you would like a subtle toning, add a pinch of colored oxide in red to the formulation.

What does it take?

We are warming up

- 6 grams of plum oil

- 4 grams of cherry oil

- 3.4 grams of apricot oil

- 6 grams of beeswax

- 0.5 grams of Sangria mica powder

Add while cooling

- 0.1 gram of fragrant oil Plum

- Balm packaging – tested, working great and looking great are the following: a pop-up stick for balm or a tube for lipstick or balm (4 to 5 of these will be needed, depending on the filling)

How to do it?

Prepare a water bath - pour about 3 cm of water into the saucepan and let it heat on a low temperature.

Weigh out all the ingredients except the fragrance oil into a heat-resistant bowl and place the bowl in a water bath. In the meantime, prepare the balm containers on a solid base.

Once everything is dissolved, remove the flask from the water bath, dry it and mix the contents in it. Add the fragrance oil to the mixture, stir once more and then carefully pour the mixture into the prepared containers.

The balms will be hard in about an hour. When that happens, simply cap them and start enjoying them or giving them away!

Raw materials
6g of plum oil
Plum oil, 50 ml

Plum oil, 50 ml

13,20 EUR
4g of cherry oil
3.4g of apricot oil
6g of beeswax
0.5g of Sangria mica powder
Little sangria

Little sangria

2,26 EUR
1g of fragrant oil Plum
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