Silky non-weighing hair serum with camellia and poppy - no-rinse

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Silky non-weighing hair serum with camellia and poppy - no-rinse
Maybe you are also one of the owners of not quite tolerant fine hair, which, if you use a dense oil serum, remains somehow heavy and greasy, even after you have washed it. This serum, mixed with light but effective and beneficial ingredients, will be exactly for you. More information
Ingredients for this recipe11g of camellia oil5.2g of coco silicone5g of white poppy seed oil3g of BTMS emulsifier0.5g of cetyl alcohol0.1g of bisabolol0.1g of vitamin E0.1g of Frangipani cosmetic fragrance
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The serum lasts forever, as a drop or two is enough to tame flyaways and brighten dry, dull ends. In addition, you can enjoy it in several ways - it is easily diluted into a classic conditioner, you can rub it into your hair after washing, but also into dry hair during styling. Its production takes a moment and even complete beginners can handle it. The recipe is also quite variable, so you can easily adjust it, depending on what ingredients you have on hand. Our recommendations for replacements can be found at the end of the manual.

Camellia oil is one of those more luxurious oils that are simply good to have at home (plus, it's not expensive for how much it can do, so your wallet will be happy too). It belongs to the lighter oils that are absorbed into the skin super quickly and leave it silky smooth. It also works on the hair, making it flexible and supple without unnecessary unpleasant greasiness. Maybe that's why camellia oil has been used for centuries by Japanese women and geishas on their hair!

To the exotic camellia oil, we add the wonderful oil from the Czech white poppy, which is as soft as a caress. Poppy seed oil instantly nourishes dry hair, heals split ends and gives it the "right" healthy look. In addition, it can wrap each hair with a flexible protective layer, which is more than enough in winter, when we suffer from hair in hats and wrap it in scarves. Poppy seed oil is literally loaded with substances beneficial for beautiful hair, which is why you often find it in conditioners. And we'll shove him into the serum too. :)

Although both oils are lighter, you need to lighten them a little more for a leave-in serum. This will be helped by coco silicone, a natural alternative to synthetic silicones that beautifully softens, adds shine and evaporates quickly, ensuring that the hair does not cry sadly after the shower. Thanks to the coco silicone, the oils are also more pleasantly and evenly applied to the hair.

The serum would be great as it is, but we take it to the next level by adding self-emulsification capabilities with water when applied to wet hair or diluted with water in the palm of your hand. This makes it a truly versatile item that can be used in many ways with different goals. For these reasons, we also mix BTMS emulsifier into the serum, one of the best hair emulsifiers, which is not missing in any conditioner. Add to it cetyl alcohol, which gives the product a pleasant density and texture, facilitating application and working with it.

We finish it all off with a drop of bisabolol, a great natural active substance that is extracted (among other things) from chamomile and which can regenerate, smooth, soften and even promote hair growth; then a drop of vitamin E, an antioxidant that will extend shelf life; and also a drop of the absolutely divine floral scent of frangipani – we can't even imagine another in a hair serum!

We are excited about the serum and you are probably tuned into production. So let's get down to it!

What does it take?

- 11 grams of camellia oil

- 5.2 grams of coco silicone

- 5 grams of white poppy seed oil

- 3 grams of BTMS emulsifier

- 0.5 grams of cetyl alcohol

- 0.1 gram of bisabolol

- 0.1 gram of vitamin E

- 0.1 gram of Frangipani cosmetic fragrance

How to do it?

Prepare a water bath - pour about 3 cm of water into the pan and slide it onto the hotplate.

Weigh the oils, coco silicone, BTMS and cetyl alcohol into a heat-resistant bowl and heat in the prepared water bath. Leave to dissolve on low heat.

When everything in the mixture is liquid, remove the bowl from the water bath, dry it, mix its contents with a spatula and let it cool for about 15 minutes. The mixture will become milky and thicken a little.

After a quarter of an hour, stir vitamin E and fragrance into the mixture. Then transfer the serum into a bottle with a pump, for example this beautiful 30 milliliter one. If you don't have a bottle with a pump, you can also reach for bottles with a pipette.

How to use it?

Mix one or two drops (less is definitely more here, if you overdo it, your hair will want to wash) in the palm of your hand and apply to damp or dry hair. It is very pleasant to apply the serum to dry hair in the evening - it is absorbed overnight and the hair is beautifully silky in the morning after combing. You can also apply the serum to damp hair after washing and gently drying it before further conditioning, or disperse it in a little water and work it into your hair as a conditioner. God!

Why is there no preservative?

The serum is oily, so no preservative is needed. However, if you are going to take the serum with wet hands from a package other than recommended, add a preservative. The serum will last a year if kept in a cool, dry place. But since our kitchens are not professional laboratories, it can happen that it spoils sooner - if you notice a change in smell, color or appearance, replace it with a new batch without mercy.

I want to make this but I don't have all the ingredients!

We do not recommend replacing the BTMS.

You can try adding BTMS instead of cetyl alcohol.

You can try changing the oils to other light and hair-beneficial oils, such as olive squalane, hazelnut oil or rosehip oil.

If you don't want to use coco silicone, try replacing its amount with oils. But keep in mind that this way you will create a heavier and greasier oil serum.

Coco silicone is a great substitute for cyclomethicone, vegetable silicone or dodecane.

Choose the scent according to your preferences and mood, but if you don't know Frangipani, trust us and try it. She is born into hair products!

Raw materials
11g of camellia oil
5.2g of coco silicone
5g of white poppy seed oil
3g of BTMS emulsifier
BTMS, 30 g

BTMS, 30 g

5,29 EUR
0.5g of cetyl alcohol
0.1g of bisabolol
Bisabolol, 10 ml

Bisabolol, 10 ml

7,93 EUR
0.1g of vitamin E
0.1g of Frangipani cosmetic fragrance
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