Self-tanning cream made from natural ingredients

Are you white as a wall after winter and can't get enough sun? You can also get a tan at home, without the sun! Our simple self-tanner made with natural ingredients is a great alternative to store-bought products full of chemicals.More information
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Phase Ingredients: ~ 100 ml
(with scale)

avocado oil

23.4 g


5.5 g

flower water

48.5 g

natural DHA

7 g

apricot aromatic extract

1.6 g

essential oil

0.17 g or 7 drops

vitamin E

0.1 g

grapefruit seed extract

0.5 g

baking soda

0.1 g


1 / Mix the oil and emulsifier and heat to 70°C.

2/ Heat phase B to 70 °C.

3/ Watch the temperature.

4 / When both phases are at the same temperature, remove the bowl from the water bath and slowly pour phase B into phase A, stirring continuously for 3 minutes.

5 / While you continue to mix, put the bowl in cold water to speed up the cooling and mix for another 3 minutes.

6 / Add phase C (the rest of the ingredients), stirring constantly.

7 / Transfer the mixture to the bottle with a pipette if necessary.

Note: the pH of the preparation is about 5-5.5.


Apply with light circular movements all over the body. Wash your hands. You will achieve a natural skin tan and a subtle perfume.
Keep away from light and heat.

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