Refreshing effervescent bath salt with Ayurvedic powder - a summer healing bath

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Refreshing effervescent bath salt with Ayurvedic powder - a summer healing bath
Refreshing bath salt that relieves strained muscles or joint pain. It relieves the symptoms of skin irritation, gently cleanses the skin and at the same time restores moisture and softness.More information
Ingredients for this recipe7 tablespoons of epsom salt in crystals7 tablespoons of fine Epsom salt7 tablespoons of baking soda4 tablespoons of citric acid2 tablespoons of dried sheep's milk2 spoons of ayurvedic manjistha powderChamomile1 tablespoon of Olivem 300 solubilizer3 tablespoons of almond oilApprox. 60 drops of Yuzu fragrance
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Bath salts, like most other bath delights, are especially popular in autumn and before Christmas. That's a shame, because bath salts are beneficial all year round! That's why we decided to mix a refreshing summer bath salt for you today, which you will enjoy and enjoy even on warmer days.

Immersing in a bath, in which water enriched with many active substances embraces and caresses us, is undoubtedly one of the most soothing activities. Baths can help replenish energy when exhausted and relieve pain in muscles, joints, skin and indeed the soul.

In addition to relieving discomfort in the body, Epsom salt baths can soothe headaches, relieve the symptoms of eczema and other skin conditions, hydrate the skin, and provide a source of magnesium and other minerals.

You can read about everything wonderful Epsom salt can do here: Epsom salt - bitter salt that does not salt anything.

Epsom salt is supplemented with beneficial baking soda, and since we all love fizzy baths, we also add citric acid, which, in combination with the already mentioned baking soda, creates a wonderful effect - pleasing to the body, soul and senses - upon contact with water.

Sheep's milk powder softens the skin, replenishes vitamins A, E and D and creates a rich, velvety foam.

We add a unique Ayurvedic manjistha powder to the dry ingredients, which is the dried ground root of the Rubia cordofolia plant. Manjistha not only gives the salt a beautiful color, but mainly brings antibacterial effects that will please problematic skin and rid the body of excess heat.

Dried herbs such as chamomile, lavender, calendula and rose can be left out or combined differently. But the flower makes the bath romantic and aesthetically very rich.

The fragrance of Yuzu (we definitely recommend reaching for it in the summer!) is mixed with almond oil, which makes the skin soft and smooth to the touch, and with Olivem 300 - a caring moisturizing solubilizer, which ensures that the oils are evenly dispersed in the water and do not remain on the surface as one greasy stain.

Since the production is very quick and simple, there will be enough time and space to choose a beautiful packaging. Just as clothes make a person, packaging also "makes" cosmetics in a way. We reached for a beautiful black can and packaging with an aluminum lid. Here, always choose containers with a wide mouth, from which the salt will be dispensed well. In addition, if the salt is stored in a humid environment, it can harden and will need to be tipped into the bath rather than poured - and this is also easier to do with a wide-shaped jar.

What does it take?

To fill the volume of one or more containers with a total volume of approx. 600 ml

- 7 tablespoons of epsom salt in crystals

- 7 tablespoons of fine Epsom salt

- 7 tablespoons of baking soda

- 4 tablespoons of citric acid

- 2 tablespoons of dried sheep's milk (replace with coconut for a vegan version)

- 2 spoons of ayurvedic manjistha powder

- According to preference, dried herbs – chamomile , calendula , rose , lavender

- 1 spoonful of Olivem 300 solubilizer

- 3 spoons of almond oil

- About 60 drops of Yuzu fragrance

How to do it?

Mix all the loose ingredients in a large bowl, then make a well in the mixture and pour in the Olive 300, almond oil and a drizzle of fragrance.

Just like when you work the dough, you start mixing the dry ingredients with the fats - first with a spatula or a wooden spoon so that the concentrated aroma does not get on your skin unnecessarily, then you can start working the mixture with your hands. Stir until the mixture is evenly "soaked" into the dry ingredients without any lumps or fat. The resulting mixture will seem dry, that's right.

Then transfer the finished bath salt into the selected containers.

How is it used?

Classically add bath salts to baths, foot spas, or sprinkle the mixture on the bottom of the shower while showering and create an aromatherapy inhalation session.

You can find more wonderful detox and healing baths here: Time to cleanse: Detox baths.

Enjoy them!

Raw materials
7 tablespoons of epsom salt in crystals
7 tablespoons of fine Epsom salt
7 tablespoons of baking soda
4 tablespoons of citric acid
Citric acid, 1 kg

Citric acid, 1 kg

5,83 EUR
2 tablespoons of dried sheep's milk
2 spoons of ayurvedic manjistha powder
1 tablespoon of Olivem 300 solubilizer
Approx. 60 drops of Yuzu fragrance
Yuzu, 100 ml

Yuzu, 100 ml

20,15 EUR
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