Quick coffee soap with cinnamon and peeling effect - Spiced coffee

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Quick coffee soap with cinnamon and peeling effect - Spiced coffee
Homemade soaps with the scent of cinnamon, enhanced with ground coffee to caress the skin and promote blood circulation, softened with shea butter. Painted with multi-colored mica, which will add festive sparkle and shine.More information
Ingredients for this recipe500g of natural soap mass20g of shea butter1 tablespoon of dried coconut milkCinnamon essential oilSunbeam gold Mica powderSangria Mica powderBioglittersMolds
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Handmade soaps will bring joy to every occasion! Whether as gifts for Christmas, nice attention for wishes for the New Year, for holidays, birthdays or " just like that " :) They are ready in no time, no special equipment is needed and the whole family can join in the creation!

In addition, they can be modified, improved and embellished extremely easily by adding an abundance of ingredients, aromas and colors so that they are exactly according to your imagination.

Homemade soaps with the scent of cinnamon, enhanced with ground coffee to caress the skin and promote blood circulation, softened with shea butter. Painted with multi-colored mica, which will add festive sparkle and shine.


Traditional soap making is a wonderful job. But we won't lie, it requires planning and a lot of patience. Classic soap, made from scratch after mixing and pouring into molds, needs a significant period of rest in order to mature nicely.

But if soap mass is used to create soap, the finished products are ready to use immediately!


Soap mass is a soap base that has already gone through the maturation process, and which is therefore just waiting for someone to dissolve it, add fragrant and caring substances to it, and give it shape. The soap is ready within an hour, even with the final decoration!


Win it

Creating with soapy mass literally encourages us to let our imaginations run wild. It starts with the choice of soap substance itself – you can go for substances that are transparent or milky, light or dark, or for those that already contain shea butter or aloe vera extract (you can find all soap substances here). You can also combine materials together in different ways and create, for example, layers of different structures and transparencies.


You can then add (almost) anything your skin and heart desires to the dissolved soapy mass. Whether it's different peeling ingredients, powders, powders, herbs, emollients and protective substances or vegetable butters or popular oils. The same applies to scents and colors, where you can get really fancy during production.


Fun for the whole family

You can involve the children in the production, for example, when choosing molds. It is most convenient to pour the soap into silicone molds, from which they turn out beautifully, but it is also great fun to cut out different shapes from the not-quite-hardened substance - it works great with Christmas gingerbread cookie cutters!


After the soap has hardened, put brushes in the children's hands, make simple colors from mica powders and alcohol, and paint the products as they like.

Not just at Christmas

Our soaps are in the holiday spirit and are the last part of our Christmas series Spiced coffee. But they do a lot of shows not only at Christmas! It is enough to replace the Christmas molds with other shapes, replace the cinnamon with, for example, an orange, with which coffee also gets along well, and fresh coffee soaps that will please even in the hottest weather are here!


What did we put in them?

For the production of our Christmas soaps (which, by the way, are absolutely unrivaled and made many of our loved ones happy during December), we used a completely natural soap mass, which does not contain any surfactants, monopropylene glycol, parabens, PEG, sulfates or phenoxyethanol, but still foams beautifully and washes well.


Because we wanted soaps as dark as winter nights and coffee-colored to match our Christmas series, we shoved ground coffee straight into them. And it was a hit! Coffee colors the soap without the need to add other coloring ingredients, and it also gives a gentle peeling effect when using it. The beautiful coffee aroma is an added bonus!

We have improved the soap with shea butter and dried coconut milk, which will take care of soft and supple skin.

The cinnamon scent, which simply cannot be missing in winter and during the holiday season, was then an obvious choice. We also added orange and cloves to some of the soaps, scents that go well with coffee and cinnamon, and vanilla to some of the soaps so that the soaps fit into the Christmas packages, which also contained our vanilla body massagers.

We especially went wild with the decorating, which brightened up the dark soaps beautifully and turned them into beautiful gifts and maybe even small pieces of art. :) We decorated the mica with powder mixed in high-percentage alcohol. Lighter soaps also have gold beads right in them, and some darker soaps sparkle with our new completely degradable cellulose glitter.

So let's get to the tutorial!

What does it take?

- 500 grams of natural soap mass

- 20 grams of shea butter

- 1 spoon of ground coffee

- 1 tablespoon of dried coconut milk

- Cinnamon essential oil

- Mica powders (we used Sunbeam gold and Sangria shades)

- Bioglitters (optional)

- High percentage alcohol

- Molds

How to do it?

Prepare the molds, the ingredients with which you want to improve the soap and, if you have it, also high-percentage alcohol in a container with a sprayer.



Cut the soap mass into cubes and place in a heat-resistant container in a water bath. Allow to dissolve slowly, stirring occasionally. The mass can also be heated in a microwave oven, just put the chopped soap in a suitable container, cover with a lid and on a lower power and let the mass warm up after shorter intervals. The process in the microwave is faster, however, you need to watch the mass carefully so that it does not start to boil.


When the mass is dissolved, add ground coffee, shea butter and powdered milk to it (we recommend mixing powdered milk in a smaller amount of mass to avoid lumps).

Finally, add essential oils, possibly mica powders or glitters.


Lightly spray the molds with high-percentage alcohol, pour the dissolved soap mass into them and spray the cast soap with alcohol immediately afterwards - it will ensure that there are no bubbles on the soap and the surface will be beautifully shiny and smooth.


Let the soap harden for about an hour (in winter, about 20 minutes by the window is enough).


When the soap has hardened, take it out of the molds and if you want to decorate it, prepare small bowls in which you mix about a teaspoon of mica powder with a little alcohol. Dip the brush in the paint and paint the soap as desired. The paint is dry in seconds!


Have you ever tried bar soap?

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