Pot rouge (colored balm for lips and cheeks)

30 min
Pot rouge (colored balm for lips and cheeks)
Today's DIY is inspired by Bobbi Brown's famous Pot Rouge - and I think everyone has to admit that it's an awfully handy thing to do. Long live multi-functional cosmetics, and a cup with colored content that can be used for both lips and cheeks is its king.More information
Ingredients for this recipeMacadamia oilRaspberry oilAlmond waxRed ocherMica glitter SangriaCup
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There is nothing easier than mixing a cup at home using natural ingredients. The version I'm serving you today also has SPF 15, which is also not to be thrown away.

What will be needed?

- Macadamia oil

- Raspberry oil

- Almond wax

- Red ocher (of course, you can use another dye, if you prefer cooler tones, you might like baked and ground beetroot, for example)

- Mica glitter Sangria

- Cups for the finished product

How to do it?

Mix the red ocher in one of the oils - this step is not absolutely necessary, but in any case, the color will mix better and faster with the other components in the water bath. I used 1 part red ocher to 3 parts macadamia oil.

Pour the prepared mixture into a container suitable for a water bath, add 3 parts of raspberry oil and 5 parts of apricot wax. The mixture should have a slightly fruity smell. If you want to add shine, just scoop the pigment onto the tip of the knife. In the case of mica powder, you don't have to worry about glitter, the powder is incredibly fine and only gently underlines the color.

If you replace some of the ocher with cocoa and add a bit more bronze or gold mica powder, you'll get a nice bronzer by the way.

Dissolve the mixture in a water bath and pour it into the prepared cups, stirring constantly with a skewer.

When the mixture hardens, you can gloat over the nicely spreadable and highly pigmented color, which has a superstructure in the form of a care component. Raspberry oil, which itself has an SPF of 50, gives the final product an SPF of approx. 15, it is also rich in vitamins A and E, highly moisturizing and fights against inflammation and eczema. It doesn't clog pores, which macadamia oil can also boast about. It is one of the most highly valued oils for dry or aging skin, it has healing effects, does not feel too greasy on the skin and is similar in structure to sebum.

Apricot oil is a mixture of apricot wax and hydrogenated olive oil, it is rich in vitamins C and E, it is supposed to be a good helper for acne-prone skin, it manages to heal small wounds and transition to scars, and perfectly retains moisture.

The balm spreads beautifully, thanks to the content of light oils and wax, the oil component is soon absorbed into the skin, but the color lasts longer and can be intensified by layering.

I also drew a label on the cups - the girl with orange hair is blonde me, the girl with black hair is my best friend - brunette. (At an age when it was cool to wear the same things, weave bracelets and braid one braid from two people's hair, L. and I traveled around Europe, participated in European Youth Parliament forums and dreamed of becoming MEPs. it's over and the teenage friend thing we missed, at least I'm enjoying it all the more. The irony.)

So, another simple DIY project is here.

Author: Michaela Onuferová

Raw materials
Macadamia oil
Raspberry oil
Almond wax
Almond wax, 50 g

Almond wax, 50 g

3,27 EUR
Mica glitter Sangria
Little sangria

Little sangria

2,26 EUR
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