Nourishing homemade nail polish from natural ingredients - how to make nail polish?

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Nourishing homemade nail polish from natural ingredients - how to make nail polish?
Simple but extremely fun instructions for making homemade nourishing nail polish from natural ingredients. Playful creation is suitable for adults and children, and the finished polishes are long-lasting, nourishing and come in the color of your choice! More information
Ingredients for this recipeBase for making nail polishNail polish bottlesSilken Deep Rose Mica powderHydrolyzed rice proteinPanthenol
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Did you know that you can easily make nail polish from natural ingredients? And that it can be glittery, matte, shiny, soft or crazy? And that you can add nutrients to it, such as hydrolyzed proteins or panthenol ? :)

And most importantly... your homemade nail polish will be made from completely natural ingredients! The eco-goose nail polish base is made from vegetable solvents derived from potatoes, cassava, wheat and corn. It does not contain benzophenone, eocrylene, octacrylene, toulene, formaldehyde, nor phthalates and nickel. It goes without saying that you won't find any parabens or phenoxyethanol in it.

Crafting is fun, quick, and great for older kids too! Enjoy a huge selection of colors, bio glitters or classic glitters, which you can combine according to your mood and desired shade.

What does it take?

- Base for making nail polish

- Nail polish bottles

- Mica powders, sparkles or glitters

- Colored oxides

- Hydrolyzed rice protein and/or panthenol

How to do it?

Pour the selected shade of mica powder, color oxide or glitter (or a little of each) into the nail polish bottle, add a drop of protein and fill the bottle about a third full with the nail polish base. Cap the bottle and start shaking it, the contents will mix quickly, well and easily. Once the mixture is mixed, top up the bottle with nail polish base and mix once more. After mixing, test the color saturation on your nails. If you would like a richer color, add oxides, mica powders or glitters and shake once more.

If you would feel better with a more precise dosage, measure as follows: for 5 grams of nail polish, add 0.5 grams of dyes and about 0.1 grams of protein.

And it is done!

How to use it?

Use the polish as you would any other nail polish.

Raw materials
Base for making nail polish
Silken Deep Rose Mica powder
Hydrolyzed rice protein
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