Nourishing hand and body butter cream with aloe vera and shea butter - aloe + tea tree + lavender

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Nourishing hand and body butter cream with aloe vera and shea butter - aloe + tea tree + lavender
Incredibly nourishing hand, body and face cream with aloe vera gel, shea butter, panthenol and colloidal oats, scented with lavender and tea tree oil. Dense and rich, yet light and fast absorbing!More information
Ingredients for this recipe27g of shea butter12g of emulsifying wax NF5g of cetyl alcohol3g of coco silicone27g of aloe vera gel15g of tea tree flower water5g of vegetable glycerin3g of panthenol2g of colloidal oat silk15 drops of lavender essential oil13 drops of tea tree essential oil0.5g of CosgardSangria Mica powder as desired
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No more dry and irritated hands

That you have really dry, irritated and maybe even cracked skin from the constant (and responsible!) use of soap and disinfectant? You are not alone! But don't worry, we have a great solution!

Incredibly nourishing hand, body and face cream with aloe vera gel, shea butter, panthenol and colloidal oats, scented with lavender and tea tree oil. Dense and rich, yet light and fast absorbing!

We made this cream precisely tailored to the needs of the coronavirus era! It will give the skin all the care it needs now and is great for greasing hands and the skin of the whole body after using disinfectants or soap.

And the best part? In production, we will use many of the same raw materials that we all use now when mixing household disinfectant! Aloe vera gel, glycerin, tea tree oil, lavender essential oil, flower water... So when you refill the bottles with disinfectant, immediately make a cream that makes a great pair with it. :) You will save not only time, but also your wallet!

Butter or cream? Both!

The resulting product is absolutely wonderful. The structure is somewhere exactly between skin butter and cream. It is lighter than regular butter, but denser and more nutritious than most creams or milk. It perfectly moisturizes and softens dry rough skin, prevents irritation and effectively helps with healing and regeneration of the skin.


Satisfaction and safety

In addition, this miracle calms not only the skin, but also the mind! Using this cream will undoubtedly give you feelings of joy, satisfaction and security. As? :) Gently rubbing the thick cream into the skin is extremely soothing and calming, the lavender scent will drive away all gloom and worries from the mind, and the knowledge that the cream is slightly antiseptic thanks to tea tree oil and aloe vera will give you a sense of security in these crazy days.


Why is it there?

A good dose of healing aloe vera gel in combination with nutritious dense shea butter, which forms the basis of this cream, literally asked for other great ingredients that would further support the soothing and caring properties. The use of panthenol (vitamin B5) was therefore an absolutely obvious thing – panthenol can deal with most skin irritations, relieves itching or inflammation of the skin and promotes skin hydration. Colloidal oat powder, or oat silk if you prefer, is a big favorite of ours, so we didn't have to think long about adding it to the formula. Oats beautifully moisturize, soften and soothe the skin.


In order for the cream to be creamy, you need to reach for an emulsifier, which in this case is the excellent emulsifying wax NF, to which we added cetyl alcohol, which softens and hydrates the skin, and also stabilizes the product nicely. In order for the product to be well and pleasantly applied, spread and really beautifully fluffy, we added a drop of coco silicone, which is a natural alternative to synthetic silicones.

Lavender oil is always a safe bet, and it goes well with the scent of shea butter and oats. We added tea tree oil to the lavender oil, which is antiviral and antibacterial and also promotes a good mood. And that comes in handy these days!


The resulting cream is beautifully buttery, fluffy and snow-white. It still suits him very well, but we like to play with colors and brightened up the cream a bit with mica powder in the shade of Sangria, which created a beautiful purple-pink color that visually supports the pleasant lavender scent.

So let's mix it up! :)

What does it take?


Oil phase

- 27 grams of shea butter

- 12 grams of emulsifying wax NF

- 5 grams of cetyl alcohol

- 3 grams of coco silicone

Aqueous phase

- 27 grams of aloe vera gel

- 15 grams of flower water (tea tree, lavender or other favorite hydrolate)

- 5 grams of vegetable glycerin

- 3 grams of panthenol

- 2 grams of colloidal oat silk

Cooling phase

- 15 drops of lavender essential oil (approx. 0.5 grams)

- 13 drops of tea tree essential oil (approx. 0.4 grams)

- 0.5 grams of Cosgard


- Mica powder as desired (we used the Sangria shade)


How to do it?

Pour about 4 cm of water into a wider pot or pan and start heating on a low flame. This will be our water bath.

Weigh out the oil phase - shea butter, cetyl alcohol, emulsifying wax NF and coco silicone - into a heat-resistant container (canner) and heat it in a water bath. In the meantime, weigh out the water phase – flower water, glycerin, aloe vera gel, panthenol and colloidal oats – into the second heat-resistant container.

After about 10 to 20 minutes, everything should be dissolved in the oil phase. If it is dissolved, reach for the prepared water phase and place it in the water bath for a few minutes so that everything warms up and both phases have a similar temperature (but be careful that the water does not start to evaporate). Mix it up.


When everything is nicely heated, dissolved and mixed, pour the water phase into the oil phase and mix well with a silicone spatula. Then reach for the stick blender and start mixing the mixture with short pulses so that the liquid, which is still thin, does not have a chance to splash out. Mix like this for about a minute. Then let the cream rest for about 10 minutes. Mix after 10 minutes and leave to rest again. Proceed in this way until the walls of the container have cooled down and the mixture is beautifully thick and creamy.

Add the essential oils and Cosgard preservative to the cooled cream and mix or mix well once more. Mix in mica powder if desired.

Transfer the finished cream to the selected container. Glass jars, from which the product can easily be scooped up with your fingers, will be great. The consistency is really thick, so the pump bottles won't be the real deal either.

I want to make this but I don't have all the ingredients!

If you don't have colloidal oats (get some, it's great! :)), you can use more panthenol or flower water instead. Alternatively, replace it with urea, powdered milk or hydrolysed protein.


Instead of emulsifying wax NF, try using another emulsifier. However, since each emulsifier behaves a little differently, expect a changed texture of the cream.

Shea butter can also be used classic natural or unrefined. But it will affect the scent of the cream.

If you don't have coco silicone, try using vegetable "silicone" or your favorite liquid oil instead. Alternatively, replace the amount with shea butter. However, omitting silicone will cause the cream to not "glide" so well on the skin and it will be more difficult to spread.

Cetearyl alcohol can be used instead of cetyl alcohol.

The choice of essential oils is up to you. However, we recommend calming and soothing types. Chamomile, geranium or myrrh will be a great choice.


Although there is a preservative in the cream, our kitchens are not sterile laboratories. So, as soon as you notice any change in the appearance, smell or structure of the product, say goodbye to it without regret and start a new creation. :)

Raw materials
27g of shea butter
12g of emulsifying wax NF
5g of cetyl alcohol
3g of coco silicone
27g of aloe vera gel
15g of tea tree flower water
5g of vegetable glycerin
3g of panthenol
2g of colloidal oat silk
15 drops of lavender essential oil
13 drops of tea tree essential oil
Tea tree, 10 ml

Tea tree, 10 ml

3,03 EUR
0.5g of Cosgard
Cosgard, 10 ml

Cosgard, 10 ml

2,64 EUR
Sangria Mica powder as desired
Little sangria

Little sangria

2,26 EUR
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