Nimba - Ayurvedic treasure for skin, hair and teeth care Ayurvedic treasure

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Nimba - Ayurvedic treasure for skin, hair and teeth care Ayurvedic treasure
It can help with problematic skin and eczema, it has a great effect on the growth, shine and density of our hair, it supports our immune system, but it is also wonderful in toothpaste. And what is the name of this versatile beauty? Please welcome nimbus!More information
Ingredients for this recipe1-2 tablespoons of nimbus powder
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Ayurvedic treasure

Nimba, also known as neem, melia, smooth zederach, or Indian azadirachta, has been used since ancient times in Ayurvedic medicine for its countless beneficial effects.

It is a medium-tall tropical tree with a rich cluster of green leaves. As the name suggests, it is not quite a native tree. It grows, for example, in Asia, India, Australia, it was also introduced to Central America and the tropical regions of South America, so in these countries it can be widely used "fresh", i.e. people can make, for example, hair wraps from fresh green leaves at home.

However, when using the beneficial effects of nimbus, we are satisfied with nimbus powder or nimbus oil, but even with them, the preparation of home cosmetics will be a piece of cake.

And what can we use nimbus for?

Skin care

Nimba effectively removes toxins, has antiseptic and astringent effects. It regulates excessive sebum production and is ideal for problematic skin prone to acne. It will also help with unpleasant eczema, psoriasis, allergic dermatitis and other skin diseases. And it's actually quite a logical thing - Nimba is said to be a natural antibiotic with no side effects. It is also great for very sensitive skin or skin prone to itching.

Either simply apply nimbus oil to the affected or problematic area with a cotton swab or cloth, leave it on for approximately twenty minutes and then wash it off with warm water, or use nimbus regularly in the form of soap, of course you can also combine the use of oil and soap.

This hot boiled nimbus soap with lemon balm is excellent.

And if spring doesn't unexpectedly spring outside in mid-February, as it looks so far, you can also use this nutritious winter cream this year.

You can then try making this simple and sweet nimbus mask at home for acne-prone skin.

Nimbus-honey mask against acne

This mask reduces sebum production while also brightening up tired skin, so grab your honey and let's go!

What does it take?

- 1 tablespoon of liquid honey

- 1 to 2 tablespoons of nimbus powder

How to do it?

Mix the honey and nimbus powder thoroughly to form a fine paste, and apply the mixture to the face and décolleté. Leave it on for half an hour and wash it off properly. Our skin will glow!

Beautiful hair

According to Ayurveda, Nimba is like a dog for hair! It can stimulate their growth, increase their shine and above all prevent their loss - this is what worries women the most and many of us wake up from a terrifying nightmare where whole clumps of hair fall out of our mane. It is said that nimba can also cure baldness - the oil from nimba somehow clogs the pores on the scalp and thus partially prevents hair loss.

Therefore, the solution to hair loss is massaging the scalp with nimbus oil. And to make the effects even more effective and increase, you can mix it with some other oils, which also have a number of positive effects - for example, olive, coconut or jojoba oil. In addition, this method can also get rid of dandruff, because the oil nourishes and lubricates an overly dry and stressed scalp.

And if a hostile colony of lice has nested in our hair, just leave nimbus oil in your hair overnight. In the morning, we simply wash our head with our favorite shampoo and flush the dead uninvited guests into the siphon.

If we want to generally beautify the quality of our hair with the help of nimbus, we can regularly make a super simple hair mask from nimbus powder. Just add a little water to it to make a mushy mixture, and then apply it to your hair. Leave the hair wrapped in an old sheet or towel for half an hour, and then wash it with cold water.

Dental hygiene

You may have already noticed "neem" natural toothpastes in stores with natural products and cosmetics. Maybe you've been using them for a long time, but you had no idea what "neem" actually is. Well, here's the answer. It is the very same miracle plant that can significantly improve the quality of your skin and hair.

It is absolutely perfect for dental hygiene. As already mentioned, it is a kind of effective natural antibiotic, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, which is why it is perfect for those individuals who suffer from inflammation and bleeding gums. But you can use it even if you don't have any problems in your mouth - it's a great prevention of tooth decay, bad breath, but also periodontal disease. Nimba is great at killing bacteria, so it should definitely be on your bathroom shelf.

In short, Nimba is priceless - as is the case with almost all flowers that have been tried and tested over the years. And that there were at least several hundred years of screening at Nimba...

And what about you? Did you know nimbus before? And how did you discover it?

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Raw materials
1-2 tablespoons of nimbus powder
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