New candle packaging


You already know our offer of tin packaging for candles. You know that we offer candle packaging with a transparent lid, or the very popular 250ml tin packaging.

The candle in the tin packaging looks very nice and thanks to the lid it is also easy to transport.

But sometimes you need to make a smaller candle than 250ml, so we also offer 100ml variants of tin packaging . We have it in gold and red. And now we can also offer you a 100ml variant in the color black.

And while we're talking about candle packaging, we mustn't forget the massage candle packaging with a spout that allows you to conveniently and safely pour the wax.

And the last one, which closes our candle hit parade, is a glass container for tea candles , thanks to which you can create a magical atmosphere in the space.

If you start making candles, you will need wicks in addition to suitable packaging.

You can find wooden, cotton, but also hemp wicks with us.

And if you want to start making, but still don't know how, take a look at the recipes for candle making instructions.

Fingers crossed!

New candle packaging
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