Naturally dyed Christmas soap with a plum scent - how to make soap from soap stock

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Naturally dyed Christmas soap with a plum scent - how to make soap from soap stock
Simple, yet very impressive Christmas soaps made of soapy mass colored with natural alkanna powder, black coal and degradable glitters, scented with plum and vanilla drops.More information
Ingredients for this recipe400g of soap mass with shea butter350g of transparent soap mass SLS free1-2 tablespoons of alkanna powder1 teaspoon of activated carbon6g of cosmetic fragrance Japanese plum2g of Vanilka cosmetic fragranceBioglittery blueBase for making perfumeSilicone mold for soap FlowersSpray bottle
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The magical time of Christmas is here again, yup! It beckons to create, relax, enjoy time together with the family and come up with meaningful gifts that will please our loved ones under the tree. The production of soap bars from soapy mass can combine everything mentioned above, which is why we all love them so much!

Their production is simple, yet fun, and the result is very elegant to sophisticated. They enchant anyone in whose hand they rest. Beautiful dark burgundy to black soaps contain only natural colors and completely degradable glitters. Reminiscent of a winter midnight sky, they smell of sweet plums with a slightly smoky hint of vanilla.

In the photos, the patterns are a little hidden, but in reality, in each bar of soap you will see two different colors gently flowing into each other, creating beautiful structures and swirls.

We use two different soaps - a soap with shea butter, which is white and creamy, and a transparent soap without SLS, which is colorless and transparent. We dye them completely naturally. We mix the white mass with burgundy purple alkanna powder, which is the ground root of the dyer's stonewort, which has been used for coloring cosmetics since ancient times, and thus make a dark purple cream. We will create a black one from a transparent transparent substance using activated carbon, which will also contribute with its exfoliating effects. To make the soap sparkle, we sprinkle bioglitters into the materials with a clear conscience, which will completely decompose in the waste and not a trace of them will remain. Violet and blue bioglitters are perfect for a burgundy substance, black bioglitters are fantastic for a dark substance.

The color of the soaps and the festive atmosphere of winter days are wonderfully emphasized by the scent of fresh sweet Japanese plum and smoky sweet vanilla. The shape and size of the finished soaps is entirely up to you, we went for a flower silicone mold and we are thrilled. The floral soaps fit perfectly in the hand and the relief is breathtaking.

The elegant Midnight Plum soaps will be a great gift, and their production will surely delight you and brighten up the Advent season. Enjoy it a lot!

Christmas soaps made of soapy matter - Midnight plum

For 6 soaps in flower form (750 grams of soap)

What does it take?

- 400 grams of soap mass with shea butter

- 350 grams of transparent soap mass SLS free

- 1-2 tablespoons of alkanna powder

- 1 teaspoon of activated carbon

- 6 grams of cosmetic fragrance Japanese plum

- 2 grams of Vanilka cosmetic fragrance

- Bioglittery black, purple, blue

- Base for making perfume

- Silicone mold for soap Flowers

- Spray bottle

How to do it?

Prepare a soap mold on the tray. Pour some perfume base into a spray bottle.

Cut the soap mass into cubes of about one centimeter. Pour the chopped white soap mixture into one heat-resistant container. Pour the cubes of transparent soap into the second heat-resistant container. Ideally, choose containers from which the liquid will pour well into the molds.

Then prepare the dyes. In a small bowl, mix alkanna powder and purple and/or blue bioglitter with about one to two tablespoons of perfume base (=high alcohol). In the second bowl, mix black charcoal and black bioglitter with the perfume base. More dense pigmented pastes will be created, which you will use in a moment.

Let's go back to the soaps. Place the containers with soapy substances in the microwave and heat them for short intervals (approx. 30 seconds) at lower power. Check carefully that the mass does not start to boil. If you don't have or don't want to use a microwave oven, let the soapy substances dissolve in a water bath. The process will be longer, but calmer.

When the mass is liquid, remove the containers from the microwave and mix the prepared wine dye into the white mass, mix the black dye into the transparent mass.

Always try to at least mix gently with both substances so that a shell does not form on the surface. If the mixture hardens, slide it back into the microwave.

When both masses are colored, mix Japanese plum scent into one, vanilla scent into the other.

Quickly spray the prepared mold with the perfume base in a sprayer. Alternately pour one and the other color of soap into each mold. The faster you pour the materials in succession, the more your colors will mix, the longer the delays between pouring the colors into the forms, the more the individual colors will be separated. Both techniques create beautiful structures, you can't go wrong with either. If you would like to mix the colors more, reach for a stick and mix the masses together, like you are baking a marble cake.

As soon as you have filled the mold and you are satisfied with the appearance of the soaps, immediately spray their surface with a perfume base - this will ensure that there are no bubbles on the soap and the surface will be beautifully shiny and smooth.

Let the soap harden for about an hour (in winter, about 20 minutes by the window is enough).

When the soaps are hard, peel them from the mold and put them in airtight containers. It is ideal to wrap each soap in food foil so that air and moisture cannot reach it. And it is done!

Raw materials
400g of soap mass with shea butter
350g of transparent soap mass SLS free
1-2 tablespoons of alkanna powder
1 teaspoon of activated carbon
6g of cosmetic fragrance Japanese plum
2g of Vanilka cosmetic fragrance
Vanilla, 10 ml

Vanilla, 10 ml

3,15 EUR
Base for making perfume
Silicone mold for soap Flowers
Spray bottle
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