Massage candies with aphrodisiac oils

Massage candies with aphrodisiac oils
Although chocolate and other treats are an inherent part of Valentine's Day, these candies are more likely to make your body happy. Add a few drops of love essential oils and the perfect Valentine's Day gift is here!More information
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Love must be celebrated!

We already know that life is just a coincidence, and that sometimes we are down and sometimes up. But it is the same with love - sometimes we are madly in love and celebrate love every day, other times we almost forget about it because of the worries.

At least on the first of May or on Valentine's Day, we should again remember fondly and properly celebrate the fact that we were lucky enough to meet our soul mate.

Someone may condemn Valentine's Day as a non-original holiday that has nothing to do in domestic conditions. But we think that every opportunity to celebrate love is worth it.

Of course, one should try to appreciate the partnership every day, but as already said, we don't always succeed. That's not the only reason why it's nice to set aside a few specific days in the year when we reserve our full attention for our loved one. After all, that's how all other holidays work, or even birthdays.

And just as when celebrating holidays and birthdays we focus our attention on the celebrant, when celebrating Valentine's Day we focus on love - our love...

Little things of love

You don't have to be a megalomaniac to pick up your lover by helicopter and send him a bouquet of three hundred roses. Sometimes the most important thing is to remember , and then you need to invest your energy and time in the gift. And that is the basic ingredient that is needed to make our Valentine's Day candies in love.


A romantic massage using candies?

A nice evening for two, of course, must not miss a massage! And in order to massage well, you need some kind of cream or oil. This is how these massage candies come into play, which combine both.

Upon contact with (love and passion heated) skin, they immediately begin to dissolve, and this gives us an ideal oily consistency for massage. Before the candy melts completely, it is still a little harder, and therefore ideal for massaging the skin.

In order to guarantee romance 100%, we can freely choose any aphrodisiac essence for the candies. Just choose according to your taste. We can recommend, for example, sensual and feminine rose , jasmine , which has been used as an aphrodisiac for many centuries, vanilla , ylang ylang , lavender , sage , neroli or, for example, sandalwood , which men will certainly like.

During production, you can make, for example, two types of massage candies - one batch with your preferred scent for you, and one for your lover. You can also try a combination of several of the above-mentioned oils. For example, ylang ylang with neroli and jasmine works great.

Well, now the chatter is over and hooray for production!

What does it take?

- 100 g of some natural butter (the classic is shea butter , but try olive , jojoba , almond or grape butter for a change, or you can even combine one with the other fifty-fifty - experimenting is fun)

- a total of 30-40 drops of selected essential oils

How to do it?

We will prepare a water bath - this means a larger pot with water, in which we will immerse a fire-resistant glass bowl. Put 100 grams of selected natural butter in the bowl and let it melt. Afterwards, we drip some oil into the mass, mix it properly and set it aside. Allow to cool and store in the refrigerator. We wait until the mass is completely solid, and then we take the bowl out of the refrigerator again. With the help of a coffee spoon, shape small round bonbons. But be careful, it has to be a fast one! The mass begins to melt really quickly. We place the balls on a tray lined with baking paper, and when everything is shaped, we slide them into the freezer. And there they will be waiting for us to take them out again and give them to our love!


Or there is one more option, and that is to conjure up a truly believable disguise with the help of dark cocoa butter and beeswax . When you make a chocolate coating with these ingredients, the outside of the candies will really look like… well, candies! They may look like that, but they certainly won't taste like that! So, be careful that your significant other is not faster than you and does not eat one candy before you can explain that it is not edible at all.

And we have one more warning - the massage bonbons with fake chocolate coating have a little color, so if you are so excited about the chocolate coating, be sure not to practice the massage on the snow-white, silk sheets that you received from dear mother as a wedding gift!

But if our warnings did not deter you, dissolve 60 grams of dark cocoa butter with 3 grams of beeswax in a water bath, stir well and remove from heat. Stir continuously while the mixture cools. We need a consistency that will be thick, but at the same time soft. Especially no pudding! Take the candies out of the freezer and dip them into a smooth, thick frosting. When all the candies are chocolate-coated, slide them back into the freezer.

And if you want to play with the production even more, pour the melted butter into silicone molds , ideally in the shape of hearts , how else. After solidification, you can dip them again in dark cocoa butter, or you need to "sprinkle" with melted butter mixed with natural colored powder (perhaps raspberry?) or okra and decorate with dried herbs . The candies will still color a little this way, but on the other hand, they will literally be eaten!

Romance on the entou

And how can we take romance to the extreme on Valentine's night? For example with these Valentine massage aphrodisiac candles . During the massage, you use their wax, which you can pour on yourself as you like, because thanks to its composition, it does not burn, but only warms. You can find the kit for their production here .

So instead of a cooked dinner for two, try something a little unconventional this year and enjoy a night full of love, but also quality natural cosmetics. You can bet that you will definitely surprise your significant other with such an original, homemade gift!

And what surprise was waiting for you from your Valentine's love?

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