Luxury hair oil - a variant for fine and thick hair

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Luxury hair oil - a variant for fine and thick hair
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A great natural luxury hair oil that leaves your mane silky, shiny and healthy, replacing expensive hair products at a fraction of the cost. In a lighter version for fine hair that does not need more weight, as well as for a thick unyielding mane that appreciates a denser formulation.More information
Ingredients for this recipe9g of almond oil9g of poppy seed oil5g of squalane5g of cucumber oil1g of bisabolol0.8g of vitamin E0.2g of cosmetic fragrance
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If you were to look at the ingredients of most hair oils from drugstores or hair salons, you would find that they are rather simple. Hair oils usually consist of several types of well-chosen oils and herbal extracts or macerates. Products for fine hair are lightened by the addition of silicones or other volatile emollients. Antioxidants and fragrances are often added to such products. We have all that at Ekokoze and we can certainly mix a similar, if not better, hair product together, cheaper, with our own scent and taking into account the properties of the hair.

Oils for shiny, soft and healthy looking hair

Treating your hair with properly selected oils leads to its strengthening and reducing the hair's susceptibility to breakage, thanks to which the hair not only looks good and healthy, but also grows longer and is naturally thicker. In addition, oil care heals split ends, hydrates the hair and gives it shine and the necessary nutrients. Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that fights stress and hair aging, also helps the hair immensely, making the mane look young and healthy. All the oils you will find in this product are exceptional for their high vitamin E content.

Almond oil

Almond oil is one of the lighter ones, which does not burden the hair unnecessarily, but nevertheless literally charges it with all kinds of nutrients. A high proportion of the already mentioned vitamin E, but also proteins, fatty acids and magnesium, have a beneficial effect on the hair. Almond oil is an emollient that fills and softens each hair, making the hair softer and more supple to the touch, shiny and easier to comb.

Broccoli oil or Cucumber oil

Broccoli oil is one of the lesser known vegetable oils, but that's a shame! It is one of the best moisturizing oils with versatile abilities for hair and skin. Although broccoli oil contains a large amount of fatty acids, it does not feel greasy and heavy. That is why it is sometimes called natural dimethicone - silicone, because it leaves a wonderful protective smoothing film on the hair and skin, and yet it is quickly absorbed and is not greasy at all. Broccoli oil is fantastic for dry hair and scalp, so it can't be missing from our luxurious oil!

Since broccoli oil is currently unavailable for a few weeks, we are bringing an alternative that might be even better for some. We will exchange greens for greens and if you don't have broccoli, shove a cucumber in there. Cucumber oil is also a dry oil that resembles silicone on the skin and hair, richly nourishes the hair, smoothes and hydrates it perfectly, and does not weigh it down at all. Cucumber oil contributes to regeneration and is great not only for hair, but also for acne-prone skin.

So which green vegetable do you choose?

Olive squalane (squalene)

Olive Squalane is an incredibly powerful and great natural compound that is extracted from olive oil. It can restore the lipid barrier and protect the skin and hair from drying out. That is why it is used as a softening and protective cosmetic product. Leaves hair soft and supple to the touch, adds moisture, suppleness and shine. It is also absorbed extremely quickly and does not leave a greasy film, as it belongs to dry oils. It is great for regenerative care and is especially good for split ends and damaged hair.

Poppy seed oil

Poppy seed oil is extremely rich in vitamin E, iodine, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. It protects the hair and acts as a natural conditioner – it smoothes, softens, regenerates and hydrates. We love poppy seed oil and we believe you will too!


Bisabolol is a natural compound derived from chamomile. Bisabolol not only significantly softens and smooths the hair, but also improves the absorption of other substances into the hair - thanks to it, they get even more from the oils used! At the same time, bisabolol strengthens the hair in the sense that it reduces their hypersensitivity.


We recommend using any favorite cosmetic fragrance in the luxury oil. For example, the floral scent of Frangipani will make your mane smell wonderful, if you prefer a sweeter scent, try honey or linden flower. If you like musky, woody scents, go for Heather, and if you like citrusy mane, Citrus Burst is a great choice.

What will be needed?

Basic formulation for all hair types

- 9 grams of almond oil

- 9 grams of poppy seed oil

- 5 grams of squalane

- 5 grams of cucumber oil or broccoli oil

- 1 gram of bisabolol

- 0.8 grams of vitamin E

- 0.2 grams of cosmetic fragrance

For a lighter version of oil for fine hair

- Mix 15 grams (half the weight of all ingredients) of the prepared base oil with 15 grams of silicone (cyclomethicone)


How to do it?

Weigh all the ingredients and pour into a 30ml medicine bottle using a funnel. Choose for yourself whether you prefer application using a pipette, a pump or a spray and choose a suitable cap accordingly.

How to use it?

Knead a small amount of oil (two drops are quite enough) in your hands and blow well and evenly through the lengths of your hair.

You can also prepare a very pleasant hair wrap from the basic oil, which will soothe the scalp and deeply treat the hair, by massaging a large amount of oil into the scalp and along the entire length of the hair, then wrap the hair in a towel, leave it on for at least half an hour and then shampoo twice.

Raw materials
9g of almond oil
9g of poppy seed oil
5g of squalane
5g of cucumber oil
1g of bisabolol
Bisabolol, 10 ml

Bisabolol, 10 ml

7,93 EUR
0.8g of vitamin E
0.2g of cosmetic fragrance
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